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Enhanced Horse Health Measures Put in Place at Saratoga

Seventeen horses have died or been euthanized after racing- and training-related incidents at the track this year. Read More

What is an Equine Behaviorist?

Equine behaviorists apply a scientific lens and an analytic approach to solving behavior problems. Read More

Helping an Easy Keeper Breathe Easy

My older horse has respiratory allergies. Is there anything I can do to help him breathe easier while wearing a muzzle? Read More

Laminitis Survivors: Getting Back on Grass

Can a horse that's suffered a laminitic episode ever return to grazing pasture? Read More

Addressing Old Racing Injuries in Prepurchase Exams

How do I explain a retired racehorse's previous injury to a potential buyer? Read More

Improving the Standard Tieback Technique

Surgeons have honed a new approach to correct airway collapse in horses. Read More

What is Eosinophilic Enteritis in Horses?

Learn more about this challenging inflammatory condition that affects the horse's intestines. Read More

Achieving Full Mobility After Bone Chip Surgery

What therapies might help relieve the rest of a horse's body when treating a specific injury or recovering from surgery? Read More

Long-Toe, Low-Heel Hooves: Let Them Grow Naturally?

Would a horse with long-toed, low-heeled conformation benefit from allowing their hooves to grow out naturally? Read More

Indications for Joint Injections

Your vet might choose to inject your horse if his joints require direct treatment due to disease, inflammation, or pain. Read More

A Confused Hair Coat

Why would a 9-year-old horse grow winter hair during the summer months? Read More

Understanding Coronavirus

Recently gastrointestinal illness associated with equine coronavirus has been seen in adult horses. Read More

What Blood Can Tell You

Blood tests are a part of veterinary medicine and can provide important information about a horse's health. Read More

Secret Compass Euthanized after Suffering Condylar Fracture

The 2-year-old filly suffered a condylar fracture during the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies race. Read More

Maintaining Ideal Body Condition in Athletic Horses

Here's what to consider if your athletic horse isn't maintaining ideal body weight and condition. Read More

Racehorse who Overcame Laminitis Returns to Racing

Paynter, who overcame a serious illness, will return to the races later today in California. Read More

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Racetracks in Northeast

Some tracks across the Northeast suffered some damage and power outages as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Read More

Dutrow Appeal to License Revocation Dismissed by N.Y. Court

The license revocation stems from numerous equine drug rule violations. Read More

Belmont Winner Union Rags Retired with Suspensory Injury

A small lesion in the middle of the suspensory ligament in his left front leg was detected last week. Read More

Forage-Based Total Mixed Rations: Economical and Effective

Forage-based total mixed rations (TMRs) can offer an economical and effective horse feed option. Read More

I'll Have Another's Veterinary Treatments 'Routine Care'

Three veterinarians who reviewed the colt's treatment regimen found nothing out of the ordinary. Read More

2011 Horse of the Year Havre de Grace Injured, Retired

Veterinarians diagnosed 5-year-old mare with lateral middle distal sesamoidean ligament desmitis on April 23. Read More

Reward in Ga. Horse Shooting Case Increases to $7,500

An anonymous donor added $2,500 to the reward fund late last week, bringing the total reward to $7,500. Read More

Lyme Disease Table Topic (AAEP 2011)

Topics discussed clinical signs, treatment options, diagnostic tests, and vaccination against Lyme disease. Read More

BHA Amends Whip Rules; World Horse Welfare 'Disappointed'

The BHA has softened the new whip rules implemented Oct. 10, much to the dismay of World Horse Welfare. Read More