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Featured Series

Deworming Part 6: Creating a Strategic Deworming Plan

Learn how you and your veterinarian can create a customized deworm program for your horse.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 5: Fecal Egg Counts

Learn about the importance of fecal egg count tests in a strategic deworming program from Dr. Steve Sundholm.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 4: Products

Dr. Steve Sundholm presents the different types of dewormers available for horses and how they work.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 3: Clinical Signs of Internal Parasite Burden

Dr. Steve Sundholm shares the clinical signs a horse might exhibit when infested with worms.

Featured Series

Deworming, Part 2: Internal Parasites Up Close

Dr. Steve Sundholm of Equus Veterinary Service introduces common internal parasites and their life cycles.

Featured Series

Deworming, Part 1: Then vs. Now

Dr. Steve Sundholm discusses how internal parasite control for horses has changed over the years.

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