TRF Launches Fifth 'Haydrive' Campaign

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) will hold its fifth annual "Haydrive" campaign to fund hay costs for its 950 retired racehorses. Because of record drought conditions and a resulting national hay shortage, TRF expects its hay budget to increase by 50% over last year. The goal for this year's Haydrive is to raise $144,000 by May 31.

TRF noted in a release that providing ample, high quality forage is the key to keeping pasture-kept retired racehorses warm and healthy through winter. Hay is TRF's single largest feed-related expense, with an average TRF horse eating 22 pounds of it daily.

"Our biggest farm cares for 200 Thoroughbreds and has been forced to purchase hay from up to 700 miles away," explained TRF herd manager Sara Davenport. "Transportation costs for hay are continuing to rise as winter progresses, making this campaign especially crucial."

Added TRF's annual fund director Lisa Craig, "Whether a donor can contribute enough for a single bale or a wagonload, 100% of (the donation) is literally going straight into the horses' mouths. Just $10 will buy a bale and feed one of our horses for two or three days, so there's no such thing as a contribution that's 'too small.' "

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