Natalie Voss

Natalie Voss is a freelance writer and editor based in Kentucky. She received her bachelor's degree in equine science from the University of Kentucky and has worked in public relations for equine businesses and organizations. She spends her spare time riding her Draft cross, Jitterbug.

Articles by Natalie Voss

Study Evaluates Surgical Strangulation Colic Survival Rates

Researchers found that avoiding small intestine resection, when possible, can help reduce complications. Read More

Trotting Over Poles Can Have Exercise, Therapeutic Benefits

Trotting over poles helps increase joints' range of motion and could benefit horses recovering from lameness. Read More

Saddle Fit Can be a Problem for Racehorses

Researchers determined that these tiny pieces of tack can cause substantial pressure on horses' backs. Read More

Examining the Trot to Canter Transition Step by Step

The trot to canter transition takes about two-and-a-half strides to complete, researchers learned. Read More

Researchers Study Sesamoid Bone Shape Differences

Researchers found that none of the evaluated bones showed significant shape changes after training and racing. Read More

Study: Young Racehorses Might Benefit from Treadmill Work

Yearling Thoroughbreds that worked on a treadmill had better aerobic capacities and no signs of lameness. Read More

New Hope for Horses with Fibrotic Myopathy

Laser surgery might soon be a high-tech treatment option for horses with gait-altering fibrotic myopathy. Read More

Study: Some Wobbler-Affected Thoroughbreds Can Race

Some Thoroughbreds with mild clinical signs of wobbler syndrome eventually made it to the racetrack. Read More

Shoeing Techniques to Optimize Hind Hoof Unrollment

Researchers evaluated shoeing options to optimize hind hoof unrollment (or toe movement through the stride). Read More

Hind-Limb Collateral Ligament Injuries Examined

Study results indicate affected horses have a guarded prognosis to return to athletic soundness. Read More

Look, Ma--No Shoes!

Study examines changes in toe angle and proximal hoof circumference without shoes. Read More

Study: Suspensory Injuries Could be Linked to Excessive Extended Trot

Recent study results suggest a possible link between extended trot and risk for suspensory ligament injuries. Read More

Study Examines Osteoarthritis Formation after Fetlock Injury

A single impact injury did not cause generalized osteoarthritis in the fetlock during the study period. Read More

Study: Horse Fitness, Layups, Usage Linked

Researchers recently examined the factors that could affect a horse's propensity for injury and future use. Read More

Researchers Examine Link between Salmonella and Colic

Predictors of Salmonella shedding in horses identified to allow earlier biosecurity intervention. Read More

Factors Complicating Return to Work after Colic Surgery

Common complications included surgical incision herniation, pre-existing lameness, and laminitis. Read More

Clipping, Blankets Helpful in Cold-Weather Exercise Recovery

Clipped horses achieved faster post-exercise recovery than unclipped horses when working in cold temperatures. Read More