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Conditioning Bones for Wellness, Fracture Prevention

Bone is a vital tissue that's densely packed with specialized cells and supplied with a rich network of blood vessels. Read More

Studying Exercising Arrhythmias in Sport Horses

Researchers at the University of Bern are studying cardiac adaptations to training in eventing and endurance horses. Read More

Prepurchase Exams Can Reveal Cardiac Problems

Learn about the cardiac abnormality one veterinarian identified during a prepurchase exam and if it was a deal breaker. Read More

Equine Assisted Reproduction Techniques 101

Learn about the four most common assisted reproduction techniques used in today's equine breeding industry. Read More

Turkish Equine Veterinary Association Holds First Meeting

Delegates took part in hands-on workshops and listened to scientific lectures during the meeting. Read More

Second 'Vetcamp' Takes Place in Germany

Vetcamp is a conference for young vets designed to promote career growth for young professionals. Read More

A Nail in the Hoof: What Would You Do?

How would you react if your horse stepped on a nail? One practitioner outlines the steps you should take. Read More

WEVA Visits Thailand

WEVA members presented on equine abdominal surgery during the Veterinary Practitioners of Thailand meeting. Read More

EHV-4 Reported in Chile for First Time

Officials consider this very important due to the possible economic impact on the country's racing industry. Read More

Transporting Your Horse to a Warmer Climate

Here's what to to consider when moving horses to hot places, from new feed options to a risk of hyperthermia. Read More

Does My Horse Drink or Urinate Too Much?

The possibility that a horse is drinking and/or urinating excessively is a common concern among horse owners. Read More

Horse Health Concerns: Equine Rhinitis Virus and Coronavirus

Veterinarians and horse owners should remain vigilant for these two relatively new horse health challenges. Read More

Could Stress Cause Gastric Ulcers in Performance Horses?

Researchers are studying the ill-defined syndrome of "stress" and its potential role in ulcer development. Read More

Commentary: Fourth CVC Features First Equine Track

Dr. Chris Riggs shares his thoughts on the recent Chinese Veterinary Conference's equine track. Read More

2013 WEVA Congress in the Books

More than 500 attendees from 49 countries attended the 2013 WEVA Congress, held in Budapest, Oct. 3-5. Read More

2013 Merial Applied Equine Research Award Nominations Sought

The 2013 award will honor advances in the understanding of equine emerging diseases. Read More

Program for 2013 WEVA Congress Announced

WEVA has announced the final program for the biennial congress in Budapest, Hungary, taking place Oct. 3-5. Read More

WEVA Holds Intermediate Meeting in Santiago, Chile

Attendees discussed a variety of issues including surgical topics and endocrine disorders, such as PPID. Read More

Commentary: Have a Plan Before Breeding your Mare

It is important to consider everything involved in breeding before bringing another horse into the world. Read More

Hendra Virus Update

In recent years, a deadly disease--hendra virus--has been making waves in the Australian equine industry. Read More

2011 WEVA Congress a Success

Equine welfare was one of the themes of the 12th Congress, held Nov. 2-5, 2011, in Hyderabad, India. Read More

Blikslager Honored for Work in Equine Pain Management

Blikslager was selected by an international panel chaired by David Hodgson, BVSc, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, FACSM. Read More

Thailand Hosts WEVA's 2011 Intermediate Meeting

Members of WEVA gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, May 9-11 for the organization's 2011 intermediate meeting. Read More

Commentary: World Vet Year and the Horse

The year 2011 marks the 250th anniversary of the so-called "modern" veterinary profession. Read More