Finding a Farrier

How did you find/select your farrier?

Referral from veterinarian
Word of mouth from friends and/or barn mates
Inherited with horse
Web search or classified listing
Use barn's shared farrier
Other (please explain below)

Total votes cast: 612

Comments & Write-in Answers

My Amish friend is teaching me the trade. He does wonderful, gentle work. Great reputation!

6/16/2013 3:42:48 PM

approved by vet also

6/16/2013 8:31:34 AM

Referal from my retiring farrier.

6/15/2013 6:07:39 PM

learned to do it myself when I wasn't happy with others!

6/15/2013 6:13:22 AM

Flyer at feed store, local person

6/14/2013 6:19:57 PM

I trim my horses' hooves. It took a lot of courage, but I got tired of lame horses.

6/14/2013 4:40:08 PM

Referred by my farrier who was retiring

6/14/2013 4:09:32 PM

I became one!

6/14/2013 2:43:55 PM

Came to know him from his work with race horses and my father doing plumbing work for him.

6/14/2013 1:47:18 PM

the farrier's cousin happens to be my equine vet

6/14/2013 12:56:41 PM

My farrier was the barn farrier. He has now been my farrier for 34 years!

6/14/2013 12:44:29 PM

referral from trainer

6/14/2013 12:20:41 PM

Trainer recommended

6/14/2013 11:58:10 AM

Have had nothing but incompetance and lack of ethics with not enough knowlege ie: founder

6/14/2013 11:56:45 AM

He's the BEST!

6/14/2013 10:26:43 AM

Someone gave me his number and now I refer him to others.

6/14/2013 9:52:13 AM

He just showed up at our door with his business card!

6/14/2013 8:08:23 AM

He was new in town and joined our saddle club. I was looking r a good farrier. He is AWESOME!

6/13/2013 10:49:58 PM

Went thru alot of mediocre ones, before finding my awesome farrier via friends recommendation.

6/13/2013 10:38:14 PM

I trim my horses hooves myself.

6/13/2013 9:03:05 PM

I am my horses' hoofcare provider

6/13/2013 4:59:16 PM

Friend of the family & Barn Owner has used same farrier for years.

6/13/2013 2:59:45 PM

He has proven to be great for my TB with abcess problems

6/13/2013 2:57:09 PM

Well known farrier in another town recommended his protege.

6/13/2013 1:15:12 PM

Brandon Knight in Indiana is the best!

6/13/2013 12:51:59 PM

Local Newspaper Article

6/13/2013 12:28:00 PM

i do my own

6/13/2013 10:50:25 AM

Studied anatomy of hoof and limbs, then process of barefoot transition and proper regular hoof trim.

6/13/2013 10:35:58 AM

I found him mucking out a barn. He gave me his resume, I tried him out, now he does all my horses.

6/13/2013 10:23:18 AM

watched farriers behaviour & shoeing results

6/13/2013 8:52:37 AM

I am a farrier.

6/13/2013 8:52:20 AM

my farrier has been shoeing and caring for my horse the whole 30 + years I've had him.

6/13/2013 8:16:55 AM

15 years larger still with same farrier. He stays up on research and technique.

6/13/2013 7:55:38 AM

Equine Vet opened practice 10 minutes from my house.

6/13/2013 7:45:37 AM

Don't use a farrier, trimmed by DAEP

6/13/2013 6:07:38 AM

I use a barefoot trimmer based on qualifications and recommendations from others

6/13/2013 4:08:45 AM

Barefoot trimmer

6/13/2013 1:54:50 AM

called a friend to have her send her farrier out for an emergency, I kept him! The other guy was bad

6/12/2013 11:20:13 PM

My horses have always been barefoot. For almost 30 years I have trimmed my own horse's feet.

6/12/2013 10:08:25 PM

I trim my own horses barefoot and have a barefoot trimmer do some of them.

6/12/2013 10:01:02 PM

I have had many but now I work with the vet and farrier. my farrier does not like the vets involvem

6/12/2013 9:57:17 PM

Use boots, trim my own.

6/12/2013 8:41:08 PM

I do my own trimming and shoeing

6/12/2013 7:44:13 PM

I use certified Equine Podiatrists. My horses are all barefoot.

6/12/2013 7:14:54 PM

man never missed an appointment always good with horses and always improved my rescued horses feet

6/12/2013 6:55:46 PM

Excellant farrier when I had to stable my horses.He still will be our farrier on our own property.

6/12/2013 5:14:39 PM

I moved my horse to this barn just so that I can use their farrier, he is that good!!!

6/12/2013 5:14:29 PM

copy of their master certificate from the UK

6/12/2013 4:59:30 PM

it's not easy to find a reliable one

6/12/2013 3:28:06 PM

He belongs to the same horseclub

6/12/2013 2:11:30 PM

Luckily, he is a trusted and good family friend!

6/12/2013 2:04:02 PM

ref. from previous farrier

6/12/2013 1:07:12 PM

My horses are all bare foot - just have a foot trimmer

6/12/2013 12:43:02 PM

farrier students at Community College

6/12/2013 12:36:58 PM

My husband has been our farrier ever since I met and marred him.

6/12/2013 12:02:06 PM

He also was a former neighbor and has a superior reputation

6/12/2013 11:44:44 AM

AFA certified Journeyman the only one I would use

6/12/2013 10:02:01 AM

Do my own natural hoof care

6/12/2013 9:37:04 AM

Had bad experience with my prior farrier. Horse was lame all winter in part due to him,. Have a goo

6/12/2013 9:14:06 AM

Found his number at a tack store and they said he was good.

6/12/2013 9:07:18 AM

Had a great farrier teach me how. Now if I like the job a farrier does they get to come back.

6/12/2013 8:47:08 AM

Farrier that moved recommended my current farrier

6/12/2013 8:30:52 AM

Jimmy has been shoeing horses as long as i have been a live and i trust his judgement. Thanks Jimmy

6/12/2013 8:29:33 AM

Referral from former farrier who retired (who was referred by vet).

6/12/2013 8:13:40 AM

I AM the farrier! We trim all our own Minis ourselves.

6/12/2013 7:56:55 AM

I trim my own horses, and the ability to do regular touchups keeps chips and cracks at bay

6/12/2013 7:06:43 AM

list from veterinarian, then called farriers and spoke to each one before deciding

6/12/2013 6:51:20 AM

Has been farrier to GB Young Rider Endurance Team - personal friend

6/12/2013 3:45:10 AM

My farier started trimming my retired mare and now trims several horses at my barn-she is so good.

6/12/2013 2:47:13 AM

he had just finished farrier school;been my farrier for over 10 years now

6/12/2013 12:25:22 AM

I talk with a farrier before he does my horse to be sure we are on the same page.

6/12/2013 12:13:50 AM

Informed barefoot trimming keeps my Shire's feet in very wet conditions in incredible shape

6/11/2013 11:32:25 PM

Found a great farrier by word-of mouth and had him for the last 12 years!!!

6/11/2013 11:28:55 PM

I do my own barefoot trims - farriers unreliable and impatient with horses in my area

6/11/2013 11:20:49 PM

I am my own farrier.

6/11/2013 10:28:09 PM

thorough a forum discusion

6/11/2013 10:08:26 PM

Found our trimmer when a friend moved to a barn using her - 6 yrs ago - very happy!

6/11/2013 9:53:25 PM

Fortunate to become a customer!!! Farrier is solidly booked!!

6/11/2013 9:42:32 PM

neighbor is a farrier

6/11/2013 9:41:59 PM

Neighbour who simply taught herself! Now she taught me!

6/11/2013 9:36:57 PM

I trim my own horses hooves.

6/11/2013 9:13:10 PM

Got my first horse from a friend, kept using him as others tell me what great feet my horses have.

6/11/2013 8:49:36 PM

I do my own farrier work

6/11/2013 8:38:32 PM

After 25 years, got told last week he was retiring but is giving all his business to a young gal!!!

6/11/2013 7:55:11 PM

I can do my own but none of my horses wear shoes and never have.

6/11/2013 7:35:02 PM

word of mouth have used him for over ten years now and vet recommends him to

6/11/2013 7:26:30 PM

Inherited from former ferrier that retired and he was recommended by friend

6/11/2013 7:24:57 PM

natural trimmer. She is amazing Balanced Step, Ute Phillippe

6/11/2013 7:10:48 PM

have used the same farrier for at least 10 years b/c he's great with my horses, great job, reliable.

6/11/2013 7:03:29 PM

I have a rescue Fl Cracker ex broodmare & I had a heck of a time getting a farrier to even call back

6/11/2013 6:37:00 PM

Referred by my feed store-two brothers who work together-best farriers I've ever had!

6/11/2013 6:36:30 PM

I've had the same wonderful farrier for over 15 years.

6/11/2013 6:30:26 PM

I wish I had changed farriers a year before I did. She is fantastc!

6/11/2013 6:29:48 PM

I found his card on the bulletin board at my feed store

6/11/2013 6:25:07 PM

Excellent farrier, a CJF, has been our farrier for 30+ years!

6/11/2013 5:47:12 PM

Really wish there was state or national certification!

6/11/2013 5:30:42 PM

I competed with my Belgian Sheepdogs and the husband of a fellow competitor was a farrier.

6/11/2013 5:30:13 PM

Known him for about 40 years, ex-boyfriend actually :-)

6/11/2013 5:15:32 PM

asked several friends who use farrier and are satisfied with work

6/11/2013 4:32:31 PM

Recommended by Epona Shoe Manufacturer

6/11/2013 4:23:22 PM

Local newspaper article 15 years ago about her!

6/11/2013 4:12:35 PM

auditioned several before finding current one

6/11/2013 4:12:11 PM

One of our friends is a Ferrier

6/11/2013 2:16:22 PM

He has been our family friend for a long while and does a good job.

6/11/2013 1:28:40 PM

I married him.

6/11/2013 11:03:04 AM