Erin Denney-Jones, DVM

Erin Denney-Jones, DVM, is an FEI veterinarian and owner of Florida Equine Veterinary Services, in Clermont, Florida. Her interests and practice areas include chiropractic care, sport horse medicine, reproduction, general medicine and surgery, and preventive care including wellness programs, vaccinations, parasite control, and dentistry.

Articles by Erin Denney-Jones

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Ocala Herpesvirus Meeting: A Veterinarian's Perspective

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AAEP Horseman's Day

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Urban Horses

Horses living in the city, who would have ever thought? Where would they graze? What would you do with the manure? Where would you ride? Well, confining horses to a barn, paddock, or small acreage within the city limits has become an everyday Read More

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