Thyroid Problems


Mare Thyroid Condition Might be Linked to Foal Deaths

April 08, 2016

The rare condition--primary hypothyroidism--in mares could be behind a potentially deadly foal problem called CHDS.... Read More


CHRB Clarifies Rules for Thyroid Medication

May 15, 2014

Veterinarians use thyroxine to treat hypothyroid conditions and, in some cases, to assist in weight loss.... Read More


Neck Nuisances

November 22, 2011

Her growth/tumor is finally to the size that it inhibits her ability to flex her head back to her chest.... Read More


Can Horses Get Grave's Disease/Bilateral Goiter?

December 01, 2010

Have you heard of a bilateral goiter (both the left and right sides of the thyroid gland are enlarged) in a ho... Read More


Swollen Thyroid Gland

September 01, 2005

My 19-year-old gelding has a swollen thyroid gland on the right side of his throatlatch. It was about the size of a grap... Read More


Congenital Hypothyroidism Devastates Western Canada Breeders

November 01, 2004

Veterinarians in western Canada report that 2004 has been a disappointing year for many breeders because of an increase in cases of fatal congenital hypothyroidism in foals. Newborns with the disease can exhibit clinical signs such as contracted... Read More


AAEP 2002: Thyroid Function in Horses with Peripheral Cushing's Syndrome

January 07, 2003

Peripheral Cushing's syndrome (PCS) is seen in middle-aged horses with obesity-associated laminitis. These horses tend to accumulate fat in the crest of the neck, over the rump, and in the sheath of male horses. Researchers are trying to... Read More


Exercise For Geriatric Horses

October 01, 2001

If you have an older horse in your care, do not assume that he will be fine functioning as a pasture ornament.... Read More


Shaping Up Your Overweight Horse

February 01, 2001

When preparing a horse for athletic events and sporting activities, whatever the discipline or level of difficulty, an important consideration is finding the horse's "ideal" body weight. This concept is well recognized in human athletics. For... Read More


Breeding the Older Mare

December 01, 1999

Older mares' reproductive ability declines, and getting and keeping them pregnant become more problematic.... Read More


Thyroid Glands in Horses

July 01, 1999

A properly functioning thyroid gland is highly important to a horse's good health. That much is easy. From there it gets more difficult and complex. Knowing when the thyroid gland is in a state of dysfunction is not easy to determine.... Read More


Your Aging Horse is Only as Old as He Feels

February 01, 1997

So, rather than gauging a horse's age by years, Ralston recommends horse owners base an animal's retirement and/or health care management on the horse's physical fitness.... Read More