AVA Responds to NSW Court Decision on Vet Licensing

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) believes that a recent decision by the Supreme Court of New South Wales (NSW), allowing Racing NSW to license veterinarians in Thoroughbred racing, will be detrimental to the sport.

“We’re extremely disappointed that (the court) has decided that current legislation gives Racing NSW the power to implement the proposed licensing scheme,” said AVA President Ben Gardiner, BVSc, CMAVA. “Unfortunately we fear that this licensing scheme will be very detrimental to racing. Our members have already told us and Racing NSW that they will not participate in racing with a license creating confusion in a dual regulatory regime.

“Vets are already very well regulated by the NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board and a second overlapping scheme is completely unnecessary," Gardiner continued. “The integrity of racing is extremely important to vets, and we want those proved to be doing the wrong thing out of the profession altogether, not just out of racing. Only the veterinary practitioners board can do that.

“Today (March 24) the AVA is announcing its intention to quickly establish a new fighting fund to continue the campaign against this kind of unnecessary double regulation on the veterinary profession,” Gardiner added. “When the reasons for the decision are released we will be considering our options and deciding on what further action needs to take place.”.

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