Wong Joins TVMDL Drug Testing Laboratory

Wong Joins TVMDL Drug Testing Laboratory

Dr. Colton Wong

Photo: Courtesy Image

Ho Fai “Colton” Wong, PhD, has joined the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) as the section head of the drug testing laboratory.

The TVMDL’s drug testing laboratory was established in 1987 in response to the passage of the Texas Racing Act. In addition to its primary responsibilities of analyzing samples from racehorses and greyhounds for illegal drugs, the drug testing lab also tests samples for livestock shows, fitness screens, other racing jurisdictions, and various racing and horse industry entities.

Wong comes to the TVMDL from Hong Kong, China, to provide the lab’s racing laboratory with operational and technical supervision to detect drugs and residues in animal samples, as well as in contraband products and environmental samples.

A graduate of the University of Hong Kong, Wong received his doctorate in chemistry in 2003, and his bachelor of science in chemistry in 1999. He is a professional member of the Association of Official Racing Chemists and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is also a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council and a Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Before joining TVMDL, Wong worked in the Hong Kong Jockey Club racing laboratory. He initially served as the chemist in the development section of the racing laboratory, responsible for research and development to improve the laboratory’s work efficiency and drug detection capabilities. Wong was redeployed to the operations section in 2009 to supervise regular testing of prohibited substances in official horseracing and equestrian samples. Throughout Wong’s career at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, he has published more than 15 papers in reputable refereed scientific journals, and has developed and validated more than 15 in-house methods applicable to horse urine and plasma and human urine.

The TVMDL welcomes Wong’s expertise in the racing chemistry as an addition to further the drug testing laboratory’s strong reputation as a top-tier facility in the United States.

“Dr. Wong’s experience in a top-tier racing chemistry laboratory will have a significant impact on the development and continual improvement in TVMDL’s drug testing lab,” says Tammy Beckham, PhD, TVMDL director. “He will be instrumental in our efforts to obtain ISO17025 accreditation for our drug testing protocols.”

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