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Poll Recap: Volunteering in the Horse Industry

Of the 633 respondents, 305 (48%) said they volunteer their time in the horse industry. Read More

Poll Recap: Favorite Time of Day at the Barn

Of the 811 respondents, 408 (50%) said they'll take any time they can get with their horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Derby Plans

Of the 702 respondents, 463 (66%) said they planned to watch the Kentucky Derby at home on television last week. Read More

Poll Recap: Fly Masked-Marauders

Of the 661 respondents, 466 (70%) said their horses wear fly masks regularly during the spring and summer. Read More

Poll Recap: Spring and Summer Pasture Access

Of the 1,442 respondents, 684 (47%) said their horses have access to fresh pasture for 12 hours or more each day. Read More

Poll Recap: Slow Feeders

More than half of the 929 poll respondents said they have used slow feed haynets for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Training Location Preferences

Of the 669 respondents, 337 (50%) said they prefer to train their horses in an arena. Read More

Spring Cleaning, Stable Style readers share their top spring farm and barn cleaning and maintenance tips. Read More

Poll Recap: Dogs on Trail Rides

Of the 620 respondents, 266 (43%) said their dogs accompany them off-leash on trail rides. Read More

Poll Recap: Daily Time Devoted to Horses

Of the 1,192 respondents, 358 (30%) said they spend an average of two hours per day riding and caring for horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Achieving the Work-Life-Riding Balance

Of the 441 respondents, 330 (75%) said they work full time but still find time to ride and care for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Spring Foalings

Of the 395 poll respondents, 286 (72%) said they aren't expecting a foal this spring. Read More

Poll Recap: Smelly Stalls

Of the 802 respondents, 170 (21%) said they use a stall freshener or deodorizer on an as-needed basis. Read More

Poll Recap: Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Of the 456 respondents, 269 (59%) said they use a therapeutic saddle pad or one that helps their saddle fit better. Read More

Poll Recap: EPM Experiences

Of the 467 respondents, only 118 (25%) said they have owned a horse with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Height

Of the 1,150 respondents, 440 (38%) said their ideal horse would stand at least 15 hands but less than 16 hands. Read More

Poll Recap: Keeping Horse Blankets Clean

Of the 1,128 respondents, 261 (23%) said they wash their horses' winter blankets in their household washing machines. Read More

Poll Recap: Winter Shoeing Solutions

The majority of the respondents said their horses will go without shoes this winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Young Horse Ownership

Of the 634 respondents, 531 (81%) said they have owned a horse 4 years old or younger. Read More

Poll Recap: Readers Confident in Horses' Nutrition

The majority of respondents said they were somewhat or very confident in their horse's nutrition program. Read More

Poll Recap: Hay Soaking

Thirty-five percent of the respondents said they always or sometimes soak their horses' hay before feeding. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Nutrition Information

Most respondents said they get information from nutrition articles or by consulting their vet or equine nutritionist. Read More

Poll Recap: Is It Time for a New Helmet?

Of the 926 respondents, 506 (55%) said they are most likely to replace their riding helmet after a fall. Read More

Poll Recap: Hay Choices

Appearance, quality, availability and selection, and price are the top factors that influence readers' hay choices. Read More

Poll Recap: Saddle Shopping

Of the 633 respondents, 331 (52%) indicated they would be most likely to shop for a used saddle. Read More