Olympic Horse Safety: Team Monitors Hong Kong Weather

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has deployed a dedicated team of meteorologists to provide weather information at the equestrian event venues to ensure that both the organizers and the public are fully informed of the weather conditions during the competition period. Observatory Assistant Director Wai Hon-gor said the team would monitor the weather, temperatures, humidity, winds, rainfall, and heat stress indexes round-the-clock.

To ensure accurate measurements of heat stress, the Observatory designed a wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) measurement system which measures air temperature, natural wet-bulb temperature and black globe temperature, reading the combined effect of temperature, humidity, wind, and solar radiation (for more information on this measurement from equine veterinarians see davidmarlin.co.uk).

HKO forecasters will issue detailed three-day weather forecasts for the competition venues four times daily. Seven-day forecasts are also provided to facilitate advance planning of the events.

Apart from these regular weather forecasts, the special team will also closely monitor the weather in the venues' surroundings and alert the competition organizer to any rapid weather changes.

The public can see this information on an HKO Web site.  

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