10 Equine Dentistry Resources on TheHorse.com

10 Equine Dentistry Resources on TheHorse.com

Proper dental care is key to helping horses stay healthy.

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February is the American Veterinary Medical Association’s national pet dental health month, and dental care is an important aspect of keeping horses happy, healthy, and comfortable. To help you brush up on your equine dental knowledge, we've scoured our archives and collected 10 important resources available to you for free on TheHorse.com.

Find more equine dentistry information by searching "dentistry" or by visiting the dentistry and dental problem subtopics on TheHorse.com.

Article: Year by Year, Tooth by Tooth Answers to equine dental-care questions will vary with each individual horse and circumstance. Horses do, however, have some general tendencies based on age, gender, career, overall health, and dental health that provide guidelines from which to make recommendations. Read More

Article: Equine Dental Terminology and Anatomy When discussing our dental health, we are familiar with commonly used terms such as plaque, cavity, and root canal. But discussing our horses' teeth can be a bit more confusing: Mesial. Occlusal surface. Interproximal space. Here's a rundown of equine dentistry terms you need to know, and how your horse's teeth are aligned. Read More

Article: Signs Your Horse Needs a Dental Exam Some equine injuries, such as wounds or soft tissue swellings, are typically easy to recognize. Problems that aren’t visible, however, can go unnoticed. Take dental issues, for example. These often go undetected because the cheek teeth can’t be readily seen and are dangerous to examine without proper equipment. But there are some subtle clinical signs that can alert owners to a dental or mouth problem. Here’s what to watch for. Read More 

Article: 20 Things Your Horse's Teeth are Telling You Equine dentistry coverage usually focuses on particular conditions and is presented as a highly technical review of specific research. For a more straightforward approach, we collected insight about the equine mouth from a veterinary dental provider. Here are 20 fun, useful, or otherwise interesting equine oral health facts. Read More

Video: 5 Things You Need to Know: Senior Horse Dental Care Proper dental care is key to helping aging horses stay healthy. Listen as a veterinarian discusses important old horse dental issues and makes dental care recommendations for aging equids. Watch Now

Blog: Treats for Toothless Seniors You don’t need to stop giving your aging equid tasty morsels just because he’s developed dental issues. News editor Erica shares advice from an equine nutritionist on the safest and healthiest ways to spoil your senior horse with treats. Read More 

Article: Keeping the Bitted Horse's Mouth Healthy Researchers' understanding of how bits and horses' mouths interact is far superior than that of decades ago, but the ideal combination of factors to keep bitted mouths healthy remains just out of reach. According to one equine veterinarian and dentist, however, using gentle hands, as well as bit seats—among other elements—can contribute to a healthy equine mouth. Read More

Farm Call: Teeth Grinding Learn why some horses grind their teeth and what it might mean. Read More

Article: Managing Deciduous Teeth in Young Horses Most horse owners are privy to caring for their adult horses' teeth and diligent in obtaining proper dental care. But caring for foals' and young horses' deciduous (or simply put, baby) teeth is a little different, at least from a veterinary standpoint. Read More

Farm Call: Facing a Scary-Sounding Dental Disease An owner seeks information on equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis, or EOTRH—a fairly recently recognized disease that can cause severe changes to the tooth roots and surrounding gingiva in older horses. Read More 

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