Event Calendar

AAEP's 60th Annual Convention

  • Dec 06 - Dec 10
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Join in the diamond anniversary celebration when the American Association of Equine Practitioner's 60th Annual Convention heads into the heart of the American West – Salt Lake City, Utah – Dec. 6-10, 2014! Practical and comprehensive educational sessions, daily networking and social events, and a trade show brimming with the newest products and services will offer incomparable opportunities to grow your knowledge, practice and career.

Equine Reproductive Mgmt. Short Course

  • Jan 12 - Jan 16
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, , USA

Held at Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory, a 5-day course includes 20 hours of classroom instruction covering anatomy and physiology of the stallion and mare; semen collection/evaluation; AI of the mare, breeding mgmt; evaluation of the infertile mare; pregnancy diagnosis; twin mgmt; prediction of foaling; dystocia mgmt; and foal care. 15 hours of hands-on laboratory training are provided on semen collection/evaluation; AI; cooled semen; mare reproductive evaluation; on-farm obstetrical procedures; placental evaluation; colostrum quality; foal IgG testing; and foal resuscitation. Registration $1,450. Register online at http://erl.colostate.edu

Frozen Semen Short Course

  • Jan 17
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, CO, USA

Held at Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory, this 1-day course includes 4 hours of lecture on: response of spermatozoa to freezing, preparation of semen for freezing, extender preparation, proper handling, storage and thawing procedures, post-thawing evaluation of semen, mgmt of mares for frozen semen and insemination techniques. The afternoon laboratory session will provide an opportunity for registrants to freeze, thaw and evaluate equine semen. Registration $550. Register online at http://erl.colostate.edu