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2017 AAEP Trade Show Tour

Join The Horse as we meet vendors on the AAEP Trade Show floor. Read More

Monday's Top Tweets From the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets and take-homes from Monday's educational sessions and the AAEP President's luncheon. Read More

Sunday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets and take-homes from sessions on biosecurity, ethics, handling rank horses in the field, and more! Read More

Saturday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets from the opening session of the 2017 AAEP Convention in San Antonio. Read More

Infographic: SAA: Infection Detection in Horses

Learn about serum amyloid A and how veterinarians can use it for early identification of inflammation in horses. Read More

Top Tweets and Take-Homes: EPM Society Meeting

The EPM Society met last week in Lake Tahoe, California. Here's a look at what attendees discussed. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Grooming, Riding, and Transporting Horses

Our staff offers tips to help save time during your daily grooming, riding, and exercise routine. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Saturday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Saturday's educational sessions on equine dentistry, ultrasound, hoof care, and more. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Friday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Friday's educational sessions on osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, strangles and more. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Thursday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Day 1 educational sessions at the 2017 British Equine Veterinary Association Congress. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Equine Veterinary and Farrier Visits

Veterinarians and farriers often have busy schedules. Here are some tips to help expedite their visits when they arrive. Read More

Social Media Scenes: Hurricanes and Horses

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are bringing equestrians together to ensure horse safety as Mother Nature takes a toll. Read More

10 Severe Weather Preparation Resources on

Learn how to prepare your horses and farm for natural disasters before they occur. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Horse Barn Chores

Our staff and sources share ways you can save time and reduce the hassle of barn chores. Read More

Saliva-Based Tapeworm Test Available to U.S. Horse Owners

The test is designed to detect evidence of tapeworms in horses' saliva and help guide dewormings. Read More

Top Tweets from the AAEP Equine Colic Symposium

Read some of The Horse staff's top tweets and take-home messages related to recent equine colic research. Read More

10 Horsemanship Science Resources on

Learn about horsemanship and how to incorporate learning theory in your own horse training. Read More

Tips for Keeping Horses Safe During July 4th Festivities readers and staff share their tips for preparing and keeping horses safe during 4th of July festivities. Read More

The Horse Media Group Receives 2017 Equine Media Awards

The Horse Media Group received four awards, including two first place honors. Read More

10 Parasite and Deworming Resources on

Transition to targeted deworming without a hitch with these free resources. Read More

Top Tweets From the 2017 Equine Science Society Symposium

We've collected tweets and take-homes from the 2017 Equine Science Society Symposium. Take a look! Read More

Join's Newsletter Scavenger Hunt

Participate in's newsletter scavenger hunt June 5-9 for a chance to win prizes! Read More Announces Don't Spook! Contest Winner Facebook fans selected Sarah Borns' photo as the overall winner of the Don't Spook! contest. Read More

10 Sun Resources on

Long sunny days can mean bad news for horses at risk for sunburn, and it's up to you to protect them. Read More

Enter The Horse's "Don't Spook!" Contest!

Is your horse an expert spooker? Enter The Horse's contest for a chance to win! Read More