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Want to adopt a free horse? Check out the listings below to find your match, then contact the owner to work out an adoption! Or if you have a horse to give away, list it here for free.

The Horse does not control, is not responsible for and makes no representations or warranties with respect to any user-generated listing displayed on You must conduct any necessary, appropriate, prudent or judicious investigation, inquiry, research and due diligence with respect to any user-generated listing. If you suspect a fraudulent listing or an attempt to sell a horse (instead of giving it away), or to remove a horse from this list contact us at

Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
Loves Kids!!! Chrisie Lil Miss (Chloe) Mare American Paint Horse Other AL 1/1/2008 4/17/2014
Wonderful Arab trail horse Brier's Touch Gelding Arabian Chestnut 14.3 hh CA 8/6/1990 4/17/2014
Gray QH registered Mare Free Gray Lady Cash Mare American Quarter Horse Gray/Roan 16 hh TX 5/18/1991 4/16/2014
Sweet Paint Lily Mare American Paint Horse Other 14.2 hh CA 4/1/2002 4/16/2014
Black Gelding Grade Percheron Jack Gelding Percheron Black 17.3 hh WI 6/6/1996 4/15/2014
3 year old arab gelding Dean Gelding Arabian Bay 16 hh CA 5/30/2011 4/14/2014
15 year old mare Dutchess Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CA 1/1/1999 4/11/2014
Mustang Mares cherry n brownie Mare Mustang Other 15 hh CA 4/10/2014 4/10/2014
In your Pocket Cabo Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.2 hh FL 4/1/2002 4/10/2014
Clever 13 hh black pony Dada Mare Other Black 14- hh KY 4/9/2002 4/9/2014
Lovely TB Filly Cowasee Girl Filly Thoroughbred Chestnut 16 hh MD 5/16/2010 4/9/2014
Free Quarter Horse Palomino Gelding Bang Gelding American Quarter Horse Palomino 15 hh SC 3/1/2000 4/9/2014
Free Standardbred Gelding Turbo Gelding Standardbred Dark Bay/Brown 16 hh SC 3/1/1996 4/9/2014
1/2 - 1/4 Horse 25 years young Sir Bay's Fascination Mare Other Bay 15.3 hh NY 4/24/1989 4/9/2014
TB mare Scarlet Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 15 hh CA 1/25/1997 4/8/2014
Great little horse Frannie Mare American Quarter Horse Bay 14 hh CA 1/1/2007 4/8/2014
TB Mare needs good home Oracle Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh MI 1/1/1995 4/7/2014
Older, well-mannered Saddlebred Max's Summers Love Mare American Saddlebred Chestnut 15 hh SC 5/9/1985 4/7/2014
13hh 9yo gelding D Gelding Other Dark Bay/Brown 14- hh VA 1/1/2007 4/5/2014
Great unrideable Horse Hoppy Gelding American Quarter Horse Palomino 17 hh IA 5/8/2000 4/3/2014
Quater horse Midnight Texas Dabble Mare American Quarter Horse Black 15.2 hh NH 3/24/1998 4/3/2014
Very sweet and Adorable 6YO OTTB Mare Neon Attitude Mare Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 15.1 hh OR 2/25/2009 4/2/2014
aqha mare cue me kitty Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh LA 5/1/1997 4/2/2014
Sweet thoroughbred mare, beautiful mover Avada Kavada Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CA 1/1/2006 3/31/2014
Free to good Home Red Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.1 hh VA 1/1/1999 3/30/2014
Arabian mare abby Mare Arabian Gray/Roan 15 hh VT 12/8/1998 3/29/2014
12 yr. arab/appendix: Allergy issue. Scout Gelding Quarab Chestnut 15.3 hh GA 4/10/2001 3/28/2014
Beautiful 2004 Dun AQHA gelding Catfish Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.2 hh CA 6/1/2004 3/27/2014
Gentle trail gelding ben Gelding Arabian Chestnut 15 hh CA 3/25/2000 3/24/2014
18 year old quarter horse mare Jewel Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh PA 3/8/1996 3/24/2014
BIG PUPPY DOG HORSE CALL TO GLORY Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh IL 1/1/2009 3/24/2014
Companion horse needs a good home Rain Mare Other Other 15 hh WA 1/1/1999 3/22/2014
Pasture Buddy Bracket D Buck Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.3 hh OH 3/26/2003 3/20/2014
Retired Race Horse Needs New Career Lafourche Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 15.3 hh LA 2/14/2004 3/18/2014
Older TB Pasture Buddy Charlie's Rascal Gelding Thoroughbred Other IL 1/1/1987 3/12/2014
26 yr old Pasture Pal Kahlua Mare American Quarter Horse Dark Bay/Brown 15 hh CA 1/1/1988 3/11/2014
Grandson of Doc O'Lena Olenas Keeper Gelding American Quarter Horse Bay CA 5/11/1989 3/11/2014
Arab gelding Magnum Gelding Arabian Bay 14.3 hh CA 5/20/1993 3/10/2014
I need someone with time! Kodiak Colt Haflinger Palomino 14- hh FL 1/1/2013 3/9/2014
Retired Therapy Horse Tucker Gelding Arabian Gray/Roan 14.2 hh WA 11/1/1990 3/9/2014
Good horse for kids Sally Mare American Quarter Horse Palomino 15 hh CA 3/1/1990 3/7/2014
Too young to be totally retired Opus Gelding Trakehner Gray/Roan 16 hh GA 3/1/1986 3/7/2014
TB filly - Will be pony sized! Willow Filly Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 14- hh IN 2/12/2012 3/6/2014
14.1hh Arabian Gelding - Gorgeous mover! Azhar Gelding Arabian Gray/Roan 14.1 hh IN 1/1/2003 3/6/2014
beautiful 3 Arab/standardbred cross buddy Colt Other Bay 14- hh IN 1/1/2013 3/5/2014
Appaloosa/Thoroughbred Chance Escort Gelding Appaloosa Bay 15.1 hh OR 6/1/2008 3/3/2014
Needs more room Meg Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut GA 3/3/2014 3/2/2014
Here's your "Black Beauty!" Ozzy Gelding Morgan Black 15 hh ME 1/1/2007 2/28/2014
FREE Flashy Thoroughbred Mare! Dixie Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh ME 4/30/2003 2/25/2014
Lovely draft cross not sound Big guy Gelding Other Bay 17.1 hh OH 1/1/2007 2/25/2014
Flashy TB Gelding AP Asset Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.1 hh MD 4/3/2009 2/20/2014
Class Act TB Gelding Giron Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 17 hh MD 4/11/2005 2/20/2014
3 horses in one Wilma medow and Viking Gelding American Quarter Horse Dark Bay/Brown ME 1/16/2011 2/19/2014
Sound trail horse Shahra Mare Arabian Bay 14.2 hh WI 2/10/1993 2/18/2014
free Beautiful mare Hard headed Mary Mare Thoroughbred Bay MD 2/18/2014 2/16/2014
Companion/turn-out buddy Tumnus Gelding Welsh Cob Chestnut 15 hh NC 6/14/2005 2/15/2014
Companion Horses Sunshine Mare American Quarter Horse Other 15.3 hh AL 2/18/2007 2/14/2014
weidels boxwood farm maggies dahl Mare Arabian Gray/Roan 15.2 hh NJ 2/12/2014 2/12/2014
Needs Expert Handler Mountain Spirit Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 14.1 hh CA 1/1/2007 2/12/2014
Beautiful Tobiano Paint Gelding Zip Flash "Tonka" Gelding American Paint Horse Black 15.2 hh AZ 4/5/2001 2/11/2014
blind paint mare Angel Mare American Paint Horse Other 15.2 hh IL 1/1/2002 2/8/2014
Thoroughbred Ryno's Award Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown OH 5/15/2003 2/8/2014
Arab mix trail horse Jojo Gelding Arabian White 15.2 hh OH 1/1/2005 2/7/2014
Warmblood Mare Sweet Anna Mare Dutch Warmblood Bay 15.3 hh CA 1/1/1987 2/6/2014
Gorgeous Chrome Matt Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.1 hh CA 5/1/2010 2/3/2014
Pretty Bay Mare Healthy, Sound Pretty Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16.1 hh CA 3/13/1997 2/3/2014
Jewel Kay, Owner Patchy Mare Appaloosa Other TX 3/3/1978 2/3/2014
6 Year Old Thouroughbred Mare Not Named Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh CA 3/26/2008 1/27/2014
Four Year Old Mare Thouroughbred Not Named Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 15 hh CA 3/19/2010 1/27/2014
16 Year Old Thouroughbred Mare Summer's Magic Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh CA 5/16/1998 1/27/2014
Eight Year Old Stallion He's Really Big Stallion Thoroughbred Bay 17.3 hh CA 2/27/2006 1/27/2014
Beautiful Three Year Old Thouroughbred Not Named Yet Colt Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CA 5/7/2011 1/27/2014
Thoroughbred Broodmare December Day Mare Thoroughbred Gray/Roan 15.3 hh CA 3/2/1997 1/27/2014

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