Michelle N. Anderson, TheHorse.com Digital Managing Editor

Michelle Anderson serves as The Horse's digital managing editor. In her role, she produces content for our web site and hosts our live events, including Ask the Vet Live. A lifelong horse owner, Anderson competes in dressage and enjoys trail riding. She's a Washington State University graduate (Go Cougs!) and holds a bachelor's degree in communications with a minor in business administration and extensive coursework in animal sciences. She has worked in equine publishing since 1998. She currently lives with her husband on a small horse property in Central Oregon.

Articles by Michelle N. Anderson

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Wisconsin Horse Dies of West Nile Virus

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North Dakota Mule Dies of West Nile Virus

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Rider, Horse Die in Two Jersey Fresh Cross Country Falls

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Study: EPM-Causing Parasites Ubiquitous in U.S. Horses

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Zenyatta's 2016 Colt Dead

The champion Thoroughbred racing mare's colt by War Front succumbed to meconium aspiration syndrome at 2 days of age. Read More

Managing the Anxious Horse

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A Horse Owner at AAEP

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Caring for Horses in the Navajo Nation

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Fertility Control Study in National Park Service Mares

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Managing Feral Horses on National Park Service Lands

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Wild Horse Health On and Off the Range

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Saddle Training BLM Mustangs for Adoption

The BLM partners with entities to train mustangs gathered from public lands to prepare them for use as riding horses. Read More

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: An Overview

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