Weight Watchers for Horses

Have you ever put a horse on a diet (restricted calories and increased exercise) to aid in his weight loss?


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I routinely rehabilitate chronically foundered horses & diet management is critical to that.

7/1/2013 11:30:32 PM

it is hard to do......

7/1/2013 11:28:10 PM

hard keeper OTTB? Just the opposite!

7/1/2013 11:18:40 PM

I'm a farrier - I recommend this ALL THE TIME to clients!!!!

7/1/2013 5:50:25 PM

replaced the alpha/corn pellets with beet pulp and Purina's Hydrastion compressed hay, 8% protein.

7/1/2013 4:17:10 PM

Not so much increased exercise as less calories

7/1/2013 11:16:47 AM

Ether that or paint ribs on their sides so the vet can find them......

6/29/2013 8:41:51 AM

Restrict grazing hours.

6/29/2013 8:10:51 AM

restricted calories for Cushing but he lost alot of weight in 3 months and just eating hay.

6/28/2013 11:05:12 PM

It's the hardest thing I've ever done but it worked!

6/28/2013 9:48:17 PM

It was a very STUPID idia because than my horse got to thin

6/28/2013 9:28:42 PM

increased exercise but never have restricted calories

6/27/2013 7:26:00 PM

every year!

6/27/2013 4:35:37 PM

I have restricted calories gradually over a 2 month time to help with weight control.

6/26/2013 6:42:17 PM

2 of my 6 currently are restricted

6/26/2013 4:23:08 PM

They eat what they need, and have plenty of exercise.

6/26/2013 1:28:12 PM

POA mare years ago was hard to keep weight off even when restricted and lots or exercise

6/26/2013 1:20:48 PM

Grazing Muzzel

6/26/2013 12:15:55 PM

Yes, my retired gelding where's a muzzle 3x a week :(

6/26/2013 8:57:03 AM

Actually it's been the opposite.

6/26/2013 8:46:33 AM

Use a muzzle when in pasture & feed late cut grass hay & no grain, just supplement

6/26/2013 8:39:15 AM

Minis are air ferns....mine are no exception!

6/26/2013 8:11:56 AM

More than one at the same time.

6/26/2013 8:07:33 AM

Primarily pasture for nutrition, w/grass hay added in winter; grain only as needed if work warrants

6/26/2013 7:17:27 AM

Increase in exercise does the trick...lots of rolling hill walking, some trotting...

6/26/2013 6:59:53 AM

Soaking hay is a good way to remove some of the sugars and therefore lower the calorie intake.

6/26/2013 5:59:13 AM

I have locked up a heavy mare in a roundpen with grass hay nitetime to limit her time on rich pastur

6/25/2013 10:12:04 PM

some horses have to be watched very close on calories

6/25/2013 8:51:17 PM

easy keeper Arab gelding gets fat easily

6/25/2013 8:20:00 PM

He got just a 'taste' of crimped oats and pasture. took all summer to drop 50#

6/25/2013 7:41:59 PM

Just like all creatures - healthy weight horses are happier!

6/25/2013 7:38:21 PM

Fostered 3 "fat" mares who lost weight w/custom mixed grain & 24/7 hilly pasture

6/25/2013 7:35:42 PM

All the time for both my 25 year old easy keeper and for my 10 year old miniature.

6/25/2013 7:34:17 PM

never had a problem my ponies work and get fed enough for that work

6/25/2013 7:28:04 PM

finally had to resort to L-thyroxine after diet AND exercise failed

6/25/2013 6:58:28 PM

My warmblood is prone to being fat so I have to watch his calorie intake closely.

6/25/2013 6:48:49 PM

My Paint is such an easy keeper she's on a diet every year before competition season begins.

6/25/2013 6:46:18 PM

And it has helped so much-my guy is beautiful compared to the obese condition he came to me!!

6/25/2013 6:26:55 PM

Easy keeper Morgan. Took her off pasture, increased exercise, added supplements, reduced hay intake

6/25/2013 6:14:41 PM

We have Arabs so the answer is "oh my, yes."

6/25/2013 5:23:22 PM

low starch feed in less amt. and poor pasture with freechoice tifton 85 hay approx 12 hrs a day

6/25/2013 11:42:23 AM

never had a need to

6/25/2013 8:25:30 AM

Both of mine are hard keepers, so I have to work to keep weight on them.

6/25/2013 8:15:25 AM


6/25/2013 12:21:09 AM

Sore feet or possible lameness can sure put a damper on the exercise portion of the program !

6/24/2013 9:29:29 PM

necessary for my easy keepers when the grass is rich

6/24/2013 8:53:48 PM

very carefully...

6/24/2013 8:10:35 PM

My 2 mini donks each get 2lbs grass hay, soaked, twice a day, and walks around the neighborhood

6/24/2013 7:35:20 PM

My horses eat from small-mesh hay nets and live on a Paddock Paradise for increased movement

6/24/2013 7:25:04 PM

not for weight loss but metabolic concerns/issues

6/24/2013 6:44:09 PM

With Andalusian and ponies on a farm with good grass it's impossible for them NOT to be on a diet.

6/24/2013 6:07:29 PM

I put a grazzing muzzle on my mare every day during summer

6/24/2013 5:58:07 PM

Same feed, more exercise.

6/24/2013 5:56:58 PM

He was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and I needed to carefully watch his weight.

6/24/2013 5:44:12 PM

my horse is 1300 lbs and I hardly feed her (no pasture either)

6/24/2013 5:40:09 PM

Poor guy--his hobby is eating. Lots more exercise and the dreaded grazing muzzle.

6/24/2013 5:14:41 PM

One horse keeps weight perfectly, but adjust for activity. One 33 year old hard to keep weight on.

6/24/2013 4:44:00 PM

I have one on a diet now, Slow feeder hay net and weight controlled food, Grazing muzzle.

6/24/2013 4:05:45 PM

Lower hay consumption in the spring after cold weather before going out on pasture for the summer.

6/24/2013 12:52:10 PM

yes to local grass because of possible cushings -

6/24/2013 11:34:46 AM

Had an IR mare that developed laminitis - weight loss a matter of life or death! I did lose her tho.

6/24/2013 11:07:07 AM

The trainer restricted hay but feed more grain.

6/24/2013 10:05:56 AM