Behind the Scenes at the Rio 2016 Olympics Equestrian Events

While you watched as world-class horses jumped and passaged, farriers, vets, and grooms kept busy back in the barns.

Olympic Horses Pull Shoes, Too

A tidy, fully equipped station allowed farriers to quickly address any shoeing-related issues that can arise during elite competition.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Inspiration at The Games

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games' farriers offered quotes to motivate people behind the scenes.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Rio Farrier Finishing a Shoe

Farrier Jim Blurton finishes a shoe in the Rio 2016 Olympics forge.

Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst/FEI

Olympic-Scale Biosecurity to Protect Horses

Humans were was required to walk over disinfectant mats to limit the spread of potential equine infectious agents.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Keeping Olympic Horses Cool

Misters and fans helped horses cool down after competition in the hot and human Rio weather.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

An Olympic Groom's Work is Never Done

Emma Ford, groom for Olympic individual eventing bronze medalist Phillip Dutton (USA), cares for Mighty Nice in Rio.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Olympic-Level Disinfection

A behind-the-scenes look at disinfecting equipment at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Clean Crocks ... Just in Case

Clean shoes stand by during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. To prevent disease spread, it's common for veterinary health care professionals to change out of street shoes into clean shoes like these before entering an ICU.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Veterinary Exam Area

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games equestrian facility included a full hospital, complete with stocks for veterinary examinations.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Veterinary Hospital Laboratory

The veterinary lab area at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Photo: Diana De Rosa

Hand Grazing

Olympic equine athletes hand graze during downtime at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Photo: Diana De Rosa