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AHP Launches Fourth Equine Industry Survey

United States residents who are at least 18 and own or manage at least one horse can complete the survey by April 1. Read More

Update on New Bolton Center EHM Quarantine

An additional febrile horse tested positive for EHV-1 and was moved into the on-site isolation facility. Read More

EHV-1 Quarantine Remains in Place at Belmont Park

Since being released from Cornell Ruffian Equine Hospital, the affected horse has been quarantined at Belmont. Read More

Iowa State Seeking Horses for Sarcoid, SCC Treatment Study

Researchers hope to standardize treatments and assess Immunocidin's efficacy and safety in treating sarcoids and SCC. Read More

Does Owner Laminitis Knowledge Affects Horse Care Decisions?

Researchers hope to find out as they conduct a study of U.K. horse owners' understanding of laminitis. Read More

BLM to Begin Bible Springs Complex Wild Horse Gather

The BLM plans to gather and remove 350 wild horses from state, private, and agency-managed lands. Read More

BLM Holding Hearings on Vehicle Use in Horse Management

The hearings regarding motor vehicle and helicopter use in wild horse management will take place in Idaho and Montana. Read More

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Merges With MAVANA

Mixed Animal Veterinary Associates of North America includes 22 equine, mixed animal, and companion animal practices. Read More

Penn Vet's New Bolton Center Under EHV Quarantine

On Jan. 16 a horse recently admitted to the hospital for non-neurologic signs tested positive for EHV-1. Read More

Jockey Club TIP Increases 2018 Shows and Offerings

The TIP also announced its 12 participants in the its 2018 Youth Ambassador Program. Read More

2018 TAA Accreditation Application Available Online

Thoroughbred aftercare organizations interested in applying for accreditation must do so by 6:00 p.m. on Apr. 15. Read More

UHC Announces New 'Operation Chip' Program

The UHC has partnered with MicrochipID Equine to provide the microchips for Operation Gelding participants. Read More

BLM Conducting Triple B Complex Wild Horse Gather

Some gathered mares will be treated with a fertility-control vaccine and released back to the range. Read More

Single EHV-1 Case Reported at Belmont Park

The horse tested positive after developing a fever and mild respiratory issues. Read More

Zoetis Announces Charity Sweepstakes Donation Recipient

The American Standardbred Adoption Program received $5,000 following nomination by vet student Taylor Rietveld. Read More

BLM Plans Cold Springs, Hog Creek Wild Horse Gathers

The BLM said the gathers will return populations to within appropriate management levels and reduce resource impacts. Read More

Graham Motion Joins Water Hay Oats Alliance

He's the latest member in a growing list of Thoroughbred trainers that support passage of the Horseracing Integrity Act. Read More

BLM Seeks Information on Arizona Wild Burro Death

The agency is investigating an incident that left a wild burro seriously injured and resulted in the animal's death. Read More

BLM Oregon Plans Bait-Trap Gather in South Steens HMA

The BLM said the appropriate management level is 159 to 304 horses and the current population is more than 600. Read More

University of Melbourne Buys Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital

The university hopes to enhance vet students' clinical equine medicine, surgery, and reproduction experiences. Read More

TCA to Honor Dan Rosenberg, Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare

The awards will be presented at the TCA's annual Stallion Season Auction and Celebration on Jan. 7, 2018. Read More

The Jockey Club Adds Fee to Support Aftercare

The Jockey Club will charge $35 for each mare reported bred by a stallion on the annual Report of Mares Bred form. Read More

NTRA: Tax Bill Could Benefit Thoroughbred Breeders, Owners

The tax package includes changes to depreciation and expensing of yearlings, breeding stock, farm equipment, and more. Read More

BLM Seeks Input on Nevada Wild Horse Gather Plan

The BLM proposes gathering and removing wild horses from in and outside the Seaman and White River Herd Area boundaries. Read More

National Museum of Racing, Hall of Fame Launches Foal Patrol

Foal Patrol's webcams will allow the public to view real-time streams of mares during pregnancy through foaling. Read More