Erica Larson, News Editor

Erica Larson, news editor, holds a degree in journalism with an external specialty in equine science from Michigan State University in East Lansing. A Massachusetts native, she grew up in the saddle and has dabbled in a variety of disciplines including foxhunting, saddle seat, and mounted games. Currently, Erica competes in eventing with her OTTB, Dorado.

Articles by Erica Larson

Top Lameness and Surgery Studies of 2017

Dr. Elizabeth Santschi recaps research on hock injections, nerve blocks, castration, osteochondral lesions, and more. Read More

Washington EHV: At Least 16 Horses Test Positive

Sixteen horses at one King County facility have tested positive for EHV-1, seven of which have been euthanized. Read More

EHV Confirmed in King County, Washington, Horse

The affected 13-year-old Haflinger gelding is not exhibiting neurologic signs of disease at this time. Read More

Feeding PPID and IR Senior Horses

From reducing PPID-associated muscle wasting to managing IR and obesity, here's what to consider for your old horse. Read More

EHV Confirmed in Connecticut Horse

Tests are pending on three additional horses. The horses were vaccinated and are recovering. Read More

Two EHV Cases Confirmed in Illinois

The index facility in Champaign County has been quarantined after the two EHV-positive horses were euthanized. Read More

Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know

Take a look at how immunosenescence and its effects impact the way owners and veterinarians care for senior horses. Read More

Do Obese Horses Spend More Time Eating Than Lean Ones?

Lean horses actually spent more time than obese ones eating, but both groups consume roughly the same amount of hay. Read More

Your Obese Horse or Pony is Costing You Money

Study results suggest caretakers spend nearly $435 more annually managing obese equids compared to their nonobese ones. Read More

Butler County, Pennsylvania, Horse Tests Positive for EHV

A dressage barn and a small private facility are under quarantine as the affected horse recovers. Read More

EIA Confirmed in Havelock, Quebec, Horse

The affected horse was tested prior to being moved to a new premises, officials said. The animal is now quarantined. Read More

Winter is Coming: Are Your Horses and Farm Ready?

Three equine professionals offer tips for preparing your animals, facilities, and yourself for the deep freeze ahead. Read More

Vaccines for All Ages

Horses at different life stages have variable vaccine needs, but they're not as complicated as they seem. Read More

New Jersey Horse Euthanized Due to EHV-1

The 25-year-old Quarter Horse mare from Warren County was euthanized on Nov. 2. Read More

Equine Gut Microbiota Research Update

Learn about the innerworkings of horses' digestive tracts and how the bacteria that reside there impact health. Read More

Wisconsin, Ontario Horses Test Positive for EEE, WNV

Wisconsin and Ontario have now confirmed 24 and two EEE and 22 and 21 WNV cases in horses, respectively. Read More

Six Steps to Keep Aging Performance Horses Healthy

Find tips on how to extend horses' "health spans," maximize performance years, and maintain a good quality of life. Read More

Oldham County, Kentucky, Mare Tests Positive for EHV

The Thoroughbred mare presented with acute neurologic signs and was euthanized following an examination on Oct. 13. Read More

Risk Factors for Colic Surgery Incision Failure Studied

This rare, but potentially catastrophic, complication occurs in less than 1% of colic surgery patients. Read More

Oklahoma Confirms Third Equine WNV Case of 2017

The vaccination history for the affected Quarter Horse mare from Kay County is unknown. Read More

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Reports Equine EEE Cases

Two unvaccinated horses from different farms in Marquette County tested positive for EEE and have been euthanized. Read More

Seventh Equine WNV Case of 2017 Confirmed in Idaho

The unvaccinated yearling Quarter Horse filly is responding to treatment. Read More

Additional EEE, WNV Cases Confirmed in New York Horses

An Oswego County horse tested positive for EEE and horses in Cayuga, Erie, and St. Lawrence counties contracted WNV. Read More

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found in Florida, Kentucky Horses

Florida horses tested positive for EEE and WNV and a Kentucky horse was euthanized after contracting WNV. Read More

Additional EEE, WNV Cases Confirmed in New Jersey Horses

A Cumberland County mare was euthanized due to EEE and a Salem County stallion is recovering from WNV. Read More