Eric Mitchell

Eric Mitchell is a Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief The Blood-Horse magazine.

Articles by Eric Mitchell

New Kentucky Horse Tourism Group Formed

The group aims to become a booking outlet for tours of Kentucky farms, equine vet clinics, and equine attractions. Read More

Awakening to Thoroughbred Aftercare

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief explains how the TCA's creation raised both money and awareness. Read More

Retired Racehorse Project Goes National

The Retired Racehorse Project is moving its signature event from Baltimore, Maryland, to Lexington, Kentucky, in 2015. Read More

Medication Crossroad

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief shares his thoughts on racehorse drug testing and penalties for violations. Read More

2014 Thoroughbred Makeover is Bigger, Interactive

Sessions, including the Most Wanted Thoroughbred Contest, from the Oct. 3-5 event will be streamed on Read More

A Rich Trifecta

Meet the orthopedic surgeon, reproductive specialist, and endoscope pioneer honored by the Thoroughbred Club of America. Read More

Dr. Larry Bramlage: America Must Give Up Furosemide

Bramlage said he believes furosemide is beneficial, but shared why he thinks America will eliminate it's race-day use. Read More

Outside the Lines

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief shares thoughts on why racing needs to beef up out-of-competition testing. Read More

Slow Crawl to Uniformity

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief shares thoughts on the path to racehorse medication uniformity. Read More

British Steroid Could Impact American Horses Racing Abroad

Enforcing the ban on steroid use could be tricky for American horses, depending on how testing is conducted. Read More

Salix: Is Change on the Horizon?

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief shares thoughts on Salix's state in Thoroughbred racing. Read More

Commentary: Keeping the Promise

The Blood-Horse's editor shares thoughts on a promise to keep racehorses safe on all track surfaces. Read More

Commentary: Using a 'Checklist' Mindset for Racehorses

The Blood-Horse's editor-in-chief shares how a checklist could benefit racehorse health. Read More

Commentary: Better Questions to Answer

Eric Mitchell, editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, shares his thoughts on potential research on Salix. Read More

How Hong Kong's On-Track Pharmacies Work

Dr. Christopher M. Riggs describes the Hong Kong Jockey Club's on-track pharmacies and how they work. Read More

Commentary: Horse Racing Medication Reform

Eric Mitchell, editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, shares his thoughts on medication reform. Read More

TRF Settles Lawsuit with New York

The suit was filed in May 2012 based on affidavits alleging abuse spread across TRF's satellite farms. Read More

Commentary: Rebels and Reformers

Eric Mitchell shares his thoughts on the U.S. Trotting Association's recent exit from the RMTC. Read More

Study: Race-Day Medication Has No Effect on Genetics

The genetic integrity of North American-bred horses doesn't seem to have been affected by race-day medication. Read More

Commentary: Avoiding the Edge

What could a recent Texas ruling about registering horse-clones with the AQHA mean for Thoroughbred breeders? Read More

Commentary: Do the Right Thing For Racehorses

Eric Mitchell, editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, shares his thoughts on racehorse welfare issues. Read More

CHRB: No Spike in Sudden Deaths

CHRB officials contested reports that the state has seen a spike in the number of sudden death cases. Read More

California Sees Rise in Horse Deaths due to Cardiac Failure

California racing saw a sharp increase last year in the number of fatalities due to cardiac failures. Read More

Commentary: Eye on the Racehorse Safety, Welfare Summit

Eric Mitchell shares his thoughts on the recently completed Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit. Read More

Commentary: Following Up on the Salix-Free Racing Pledge

Trainers managing Salix-free horses noted that none of them have shown signs of bleeding after races so far. Read More