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Who Eats Breakfast First?

33 Votes

Who eats breakfast first in the morning: you or your horse? View Results

Managing Arthritic Aches and Pains

Ended 10/17/2017 with 515 Votes

How do you keep your arthritic horses comfortable and active? View Results

Barefoot for Winter

Ended 10/10/2017 with 413 Votes

Do you have your horses' shoes pulled for the winter months? Tell us about your experiences and why or why not in the comments! View Results

Older Horse Care Concerns

Ended 10/3/2017 with 739 Votes

What is your biggest concern for your older horse? Please explain in the comments below! View Results

Rabies Vaccination

Ended 9/26/2017 with 854 Votes

Is your horse vaccinated against rabies? View Results

Horseless Time of Life

Ended 9/19/2017 with 439 Votes

Have you ever spent a period of time during your life horseless (not owning or regularly riding/working with horses)? Tell us about your experience in the comments! View Results

Rattlesnake Concerns

Ended 9/12/2017 with 351 Votes

Do you live in an area where venomous snakes are a concern? If yes, please tell us about your experiences and if a snake has ever bitten your horse. View Results

Equine Evacuation Plans

Ended 9/5/2017 with 263 Votes

Do you have an evacuation plan in place for your horses in case of natural disaster? Tell us why or why not in the comments below. View Results

Equine Lameness Concerns

Ended 8/29/2017 with 755 Votes

What are your biggest lameness concerns for your horse? View Results

Rehabbing the Injured Horse

Ended 8/22/2017 with 420 Votes

Have you ever rehabilitated an injury in your horse? Tell us about it in the comments. View Results

Genetic Disease Testing

Ended 8/15/2017 with 270 Votes

Have you ever had your horse tested for a genetic disorder or disease? If so, tell us about it in the comments. View Results

Transporting Horses in Hot Weather

Ended 8/8/2017 with 502 Votes

What is your biggest concern when transporting horses during hot weather? View Results

Equine Youth Programs

Ended 8/1/2017 with 392 Votes

Were you/are you a member in an equine youth organization? Tell us about your experiences in the comments! View Results

Beating the Heat in Horse Barns

Ended 7/25/2017 with 630 Votes

How do you keep your horse's barn cool during the summer? View Results

Free Horses

Ended 7/18/2017 with 502 Votes

Have you ever gotten a horse for "free" (without the previous owner asking for compensation)? Tell us about your experience. View Results

Summer Horse Health Challenges

Ended 7/11/2017 with 250 Votes

What horse health issue do you find most challenging during the summer months? Tell us how you handle these challenges in the comments below. View Results

Radiographs for Hoof Care

Ended 7/4/2017 with 359 Votes

Does your hoof care professional use radiographs (X rays) taken by your veterinarian to inform how he or she trims and/or shoes your horse? (If so, tell us why and how often your farrier or trimmer requires updated radiographs.) View Results

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Ended 6/27/2017 with 274 Votes

What equine mosquito-borne disease are you most concerned about? (Please share your prevention strategies in the comments below!) View Results

Training Across Riding Disciplines

Ended 6/20/2017 with 305 Votes

Have you ever cross-trained your horse by taking lessons outside your primary riding discipline? If so, tell us about your experiences. View Results

Taking Off Work for Horse Time

Ended 6/13/2017 with 430 Votes

How much time do you take off work each year for horse-related activities? (Tell us the reasons why in the comments: horse shows, clinics, camping trips, vet appointments, etc!) View Results

Water Crossings

Ended 6/6/2017 with 820 Votes

How likely is your horse to step into or cross a body of water, whether it's on a trail ride or an eventing course? View Results

Public or Private Lands: Where Do You Ride?

Ended 5/30/2017 with 825 Votes

Where do you do the majority of your horseback riding? View Results

Dry Lots for Horses

Ended 5/23/2017 with 579 Votes

Do you have a "dry lot" (a paddock without grass) on your property to help manage your horse's weight during the spring and summer? Please explain why or why not in the comments! View Results

Seasonal Allergies

Ended 5/16/2017 with 268 Votes

Does your horse suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies? If so, tell us how you help him breathe easily in the comments below. View Results

Sun Protection for Horses

Ended 5/9/2017 with 529 Votes

How do you protect your horse from sunburn? View Results