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Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
Free Friendly Pasture Potato Bailey Gelding American Quarter Horse Bay 16 hh KY 1/1/1995 6/2/2015
Registered thoroughbred La Pescadita Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh FL 1/1/2006 6/2/2015
Trakhener Mare Grace Mare Trakehner Black 15.1 hh OR 6/10/1998 6/2/2015
12 year old registered Arab/QH Joshua Gelding Quarab Gray/Roan 15.1 hh FL 3/29/2003 5/29/2015
8 year old Thoroughbred Mare Smokey Mare Thoroughbred Gray/Roan 16.2 hh FL 4/24/2007 5/29/2015
Mustang Mare Aiyana Mare Mustang White 14- hh MA 1/30/1990 5/29/2015
21 rideable area and trail TB Orion Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 17.2 hh CA 4/20/1994 5/27/2015
Gray Percheron Gelding Eli Gelding Percheron Gray/Roan 16.3 hh NY 1/1/1998 5/27/2015
Appendix Quater Horse Gelding Wyler Gelding Other Bay 15 hh CT 6/25/1989 5/27/2015
Qh grade gelding Free to good home Marvin Gelding American Quarter Horse Black 15.2 hh MN 1/1/2002 5/24/2015
Beautiful arabian mare Angel Mare Arabian Chestnut 14.2 hh FL 4/1/2005 5/21/2015
Horse for free to good home only Lightning Gelding Thoroughbred White NY 9/10/1995 5/21/2015
Molly Mule Annabelle Mare Other Dark Bay/Brown 14- hh TN 1/1/2001 5/20/2015
TB mare - must rehome ASAP! Cookie Mare Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 16.2 hh MD 5/1/1991 5/19/2015
Beautiful Bay Rebel Love Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh VA 4/13/1999 5/18/2015
15 yr Arab Broodmare good mamma Gamelemalik Mare Arabian Bay 14- hh WI 5/10/2000 5/17/2015
Friesian Sporthorse Companion Ava-Lexie Filly Friesian cross Bay 14 hh CA 5/31/2012 5/12/2015
Paint QH. Comanche Gelding Other Other 15.1 hh MA 7/21/2002 5/11/2015
Spanish Mustang Rocky Gelding Mustang Bay 14 hh TX 5/11/2003 5/11/2015
Green Broke Mare Sky Mare Tennessee Walking Horse Black 14.1 hh GA 1/1/2008 5/10/2015
Project Mare Maggie Filly Tennessee Walking Horse Chestnut 14 hh GA 1/1/2012 5/10/2015
Pasture friend Showbiz Gelding Arabian White 14.3 hh CA 1/1/1993 5/7/2015
Female Pony Mule Pinny Mare Other Bay 14- hh PA 1/1/2008 5/7/2015
Arabian mare 25 Magic Mare Arabian Bay 15 hh OH 3/15/1999 5/5/2015
Personality Plus Arab Mare Quinella C' Mare Arabian Gray/Roan 14.3 hh WA 5/4/1988 5/4/2015
11yr old Bay Warmblood gelding Happy Gelding Swedish Warmblood Bay 16.1 hh NY 1/1/2004 5/3/2015
Sweet QH mare with great manners Out of Town (Townie) Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 14- hh NC 6/5/1997 5/2/2015
Companion Bea Mare Arabian White 14 hh GA 1/1/1991 5/2/2015
25 yr old QH/TW Gelding Amigo Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.2 hh PA 5/28/1989 5/1/2015
Breeding or riding horse prospect Ella Bella Bear Mare Thoroughbred Bay 17 hh WV 1/1/1999 4/29/2015
Teddy Bear TB Gelding Track Magnet Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh MD 3/5/2005 4/28/2015
free horse to a good home Boo Mare American Quarter Horse Black 14 hh OK 8/20/2008 4/27/2015
Classy Racehorse Ready for Retirement Phil Dancer Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 16.1 hh PA 2/8/2009 4/27/2015
Beautiful Thoroughbred Gelding Express Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CA 4/23/2008 4/23/2015
Athletic, green, sound TB Fooky Story Stallion Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh NY 4/3/2011 4/23/2015
Sweet warmblood!! Chase Gelding Hanoverian Dark Bay/Brown 16.3 hh VA 3/23/2008 4/20/2015
Big, strong Thoroughbred Gelding Ticonderoga Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh MD 3/29/2004 4/20/2015
Retired brood mare. Skye Mare Miniature horse Other 14- hh GA 4/15/1998 4/16/2015
Beautiful Arabian gelding Zaak Gelding Arabian Gray/Roan 15.1 hh VA 5/29/2006 4/14/2015
free Tennessee walking horse iced latte Gelding Tennessee Walking Horse Other 16.1 hh NY 4/21/2000 4/13/2015
14 year old jumper mare Molly Mare Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 16 hh NY 5/7/2001 4/11/2015
QH gelding- companion Sunny Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.2 hh NJ 4/10/1996 4/9/2015
Free TB mare 14 years old DOT Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh NY 4/9/2001 4/8/2015
Pretty Qtr Filly, fancy companion Lilly Filly American Quarter Horse Other 14.2 hh VA 4/2/2015 4/2/2015
Saddlebred Broodmare Reedann's Phragrance Mare American Saddlebred Chestnut 16 hh WY 1/1/1994 3/29/2015
Beautiful 23 yr Arabian Cross Danzler Mare Arabian Bay 15.1 hh FL 2/27/1992 3/27/2015
Quiet 25 year old Gelding Lucky Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.3 hh MA 1/1/1990 3/27/2015
SUPER QUIET TRAIL GELDING DANGER RANGER Gelding Other Other 15.1 hh NH 1/1/1990 3/26/2015
SUPER COMPANION/LIGHT RIDING Skippa Exceed Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.3 hh NH 1/1/2004 3/26/2015
THOROUGHBRED MARE - RETIRED RACER DIAMONDS AGAIN Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.3 hh TX 5/14/1993 3/24/2015

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