Michelle LeBlanc, DVM, Dipl. ACT

Michelle LeBlanc, DVM, Dipl. ACT, is a theriogenologist (reproduction specialist) for Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky. She was previously a professor in equine reproduction at the University of Florida. Her interests deal with mare infertility, embryo transfer, placental infections in mares, and acupuncture in infertile mares. She owns Thoroughbred/warmblood crosses and she competes in dressage.

Articles by Michelle LeBlanc

Placental Infections Cause Majority of Premature Foal Births

Premature delivery is a devastating problem in horses since the majority of foals that are delivered before the last week of gestation die. The negative financial and emotional impact of premature delivery on horse breeders is, therefore, Read More

Will Cimetidine Hurt the Foal?

Q: I have a gray mare that's 19 years old and has melanomas under her tail. She's been on cimetidine for a couple of years to treat them, which has been working fine. I cut off her cimetidine before breeding her recently (she wa Read More

International Breeding

I brought two Walking Horse mares to France. I would like to breed to a U.S. stallion and want to know what the success rate might be with shipped frozen or cooled semen. Will I run into importation red Read More

Maiden Mare Fertility

Q: I have a 12-year-old Quarter Horse barrel mare I would like to breed. She has never had a foal, and we have not been able to get her to settle after breeding her with cooled semen for three cycles. What could be causing Read More

Recurrent Mastitis

We have a 25-year-old mare that gets a case of mastitis almost like clockwork every 35 days. The mastitis begins with swelling in a teat and varies from side to side. It is sore, sensitive, and produces very little fluid. It responds to Read More

Dexamethasone Use in Pregnant Mares

Can you help me locate information on steroids given to a mare during pregnancy? The mare has been receiving dexamethasone for cancer up until two months before her due date. The cancer then returned. I would like to help research further Read More

Cryptorchidectomy Surgery

My stallion is going in for a cryptorchidectomy surgery (removal of a retained testicle). He has never bred any mares and is well behaved. This spring, his testicle started swelling on hot days and my veterinarian recommended the surgery. What is... Read More

Find Reproductive Problems

Most of us associated with breeding mares and stallions can't wait for the season to end and don't want to think of barren mares and stallions until next year. However, the most opportune time to identify causes of infertility might be missed if Read More

Dirty Mares

Vet Q&A: My veterinarian said my mare probably didn't conceive this year because she was "dirty." We treated her and cleared up her problem, but what are our chances of getting her pregnant, and could she get "dirty" again?

The term Read More

Power Lines and Horses

 Have you ever published anything on the effects of power lines and electromagnetism around broodmares? My farm is trying to circumvent the local electric company from pursuing site location in our mares' field.

Long Gestations

Do you have information on mares which have had exceedingly long gestations with loss of the foal at birth and premature placental separation? My mare had one pregnancy that resulted in the above problems and is now in her second pregnancy. Read More