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Second New Jersey Horse Tests Positive for EEE

The 9-year-old Atlantic County mare had not been vaccinated against EEE for two years and is undergoing treatment. Read More

FEI Issues Decisions on Endurance Prohibited Substance Cases

Three horses tested positive for the banned substance diisopropylamine, a vasodilator. Read More

British Horse Vets Vote Against Corporatization

Seventy-two percent of vets polled disagreed that "corporatization is inevitable and will benefit vets and clients." Read More

Wild Horse Bait-Trap Gather Begins in Water Canyon

Mares released back to the HMA will be retreated with a fertility-control vaccine to reduce population growth. Read More

Erskine named Jean Ellen Shehan Professor and Director

Dr. Michael Erskine has served as director of Virginia Tech's Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center since 2013. Read More

BLM Begins Rock Springs Wild Horse Gather

The BLM is gathering horses from Wyoming's Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin herd management areas. Read More

FEI President Ingmar De Vos Elected as IOC Member

De Vos is the 13th FEI president and only the fourth to become an IOC member. Read More

2017 BEVA Award Winners Announced

Veterinarians focusing on equine veterinary science, health, and welfare received awards at the 2017 BEVA Congress. Read More

Dr. Jonathan Pycock Appointed New BEVA President

The equine reproduction specialist will serve as president of the British Equine Veterinary Association for 2017/18. Read More

TCA Provides Emergency Grant to Thoroughbreds in Caribbean

The grant will provide hay to Thoroughbreds living on the U.S. Virgin Islands recently devastated by Hurricane Irma. Read More

EVJ Calls for More Broodmare Reproduction Research

Equine reproduction is an important segment of equine veterinary medicine both in practical and commercial capacities. Read More

Ohio Confirms First Equine WNV Cases of 2017

Ohio also confirmed a case of EEE in an Ashtabula County horse on Aug. 24. Read More

North Carolina Owners: Vaccinate Horses Against Rabies

Five cases of rabies have been confirmed in North Carolina livestock so far this year. Read More

Texas Owners: Vaccinate Against Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

The Texas Animal Health Commission is encouraging owners to vaccinate horses against WNV and EEE. Read More

British Vets Hope to Expand Equine Reproduction Research

An equine reproduction specialist shares tips for breeders to help them make the most of the latest research. Read More

Researchers Study Indicator of Chronic Stress in Horses

Horses showing signs of compromised welfare had low cortisol levels, indicating it could be a chronic stress indicator. Read More

Cornell Cardiologists Calm Horses' Fluttering Hearts

When other atrial fibrillation treatments fail transvenous electrical cardioversion could restore a normal heartbeat. Read More

KDA Animal Health to Hold Public Meeting to Discuss EIA

The meeting will allow local horse owners to learn more about EIA and the recent cases identified in southwest Kansas. Read More

BLM Releases Decision for Red Desert Wild Horse Gather

The BLM said the gather will allow fertility control vaccine administration to mares returning to the complex and more. Read More

Oklahoma Horse Owners Encouraged to Vaccinate Against WNV

In years past, Oklahoma averaged approximately 40 equine cases per year of WNV and another mosquito-borne disease, EEE. Read More

Fall Equine Wellness: What Your Horse Needs

Administer booster vaccinations and target deworming treatments to help protect your horse's health. Read More

New Jersey Reports First EEE Case in a Horse of 2017

The unvaccinated 5-year-old mare from Cumberland County died Aug. 28. Read More

2017 Helmet Awareness Day Taking Place Sept. 16-17

Participating retailers around the world will be offering discounts on helmets on these dates. Read More

New South Wales Officials Seek Input on Horse Identification

Officials are seeking opinions on the possible introduction of mandatory identification for horses in that state. Read More

LSU Equine Researchers Receive Grant Funding

Two researchers with laminitis-related projects received funding. Read More