Horse Camping

Do you include your horses in your summer camping plans?

Yes, I look forward to horse camping every year.
Yes, I have in the past but don't do so regularly.
No, but I sure would like to in the future.
No, and I don't plan to take up horse camping.

Total votes cast: 472

Comments & Write-in Answers

I live in the mountains of Utah but it's nice to get away with my trusty mare. She loves it too!

7/19/2013 11:43:27 PM

Current illness in family is preventing it now

7/19/2013 7:05:23 PM

Seems always to busy to even just "camp-out"...

7/19/2013 4:13:01 PM

camping at trailheads, packing in, participating in trail work parties, it's all good!

7/19/2013 4:11:32 PM

He's 30 so it's too much for him to handle. I would love to otherwise.

7/19/2013 2:43:32 PM

I can't do it this year, but there is nothing better than horses and camping in the mountains!

7/19/2013 10:49:25 AM


7/19/2013 9:54:28 AM

Camping at Fair Hill with horses is the bet!

7/19/2013 9:38:12 AM

We don't go camping.

7/19/2013 8:53:02 AM

A mini dwarf travels in our mini van.. LOL

7/18/2013 6:44:44 PM

If I took my horse camping, I'd never see him again!

7/18/2013 6:00:20 PM

I take several weekend camping trips a year with my horse

7/18/2013 5:45:39 PM

Several times a year!

7/18/2013 5:19:37 PM

We carry bute and banimine, Duck tape in the saddle bags in case we lose a shoe on the trail. vet wr

7/18/2013 11:01:51 AM


7/17/2013 6:38:06 PM

always the best way to enjoy camping

7/17/2013 11:39:22 AM

No, I don't "do" vacations! Camped when I was younger, but now trailer out for day rides only.

7/17/2013 10:26:13 AM

Any vacation we take includes horses in some way, ours or others

7/17/2013 8:19:05 AM

I will retire soon, which will allow new activities.

7/17/2013 8:09:59 AM

Would love to go trail driving with my Minis!

7/17/2013 7:59:13 AM

my horses love camping & climbing mountain trails

7/16/2013 11:33:57 PM

Do not go camping at all.

7/16/2013 10:14:07 PM

No camping, but lots of riding - great trails in my area.

7/16/2013 9:43:52 PM

Did so years ago. Plan to do so this summer.

7/16/2013 8:26:59 PM

I don't know enough about horse care to embark on a camping trip with him, but it sounds like fun.

7/16/2013 8:19:29 PM

I don't camp, period.

7/16/2013 6:21:41 PM

My mare is horrified to be taken out of her groomed arena.

7/16/2013 6:17:30 PM

Take several along. Lease a lot at a horse campground.

7/16/2013 5:18:24 PM

It's always sounded like a lot of fun, but I've never done it.

7/16/2013 5:04:21 PM

I consider a hotel where no one carries my bags for me camping. I. don't. camp.

7/16/2013 4:32:12 PM

It adds such a larger dimesion to experienceing areas of wilderness that are not easily accessible

7/16/2013 4:25:25 PM

less enjoyable since state parks reduced staff to enforce park rules and camping etiquette

7/16/2013 3:17:55 PM

My mare and I are blessed with miles and miles of rolling meadows, etc.,, each ride is vacation!

7/16/2013 6:23:46 AM

my ext. family loves to horsecamp but often trails are closed.making reserv may resut in lost fees.

7/16/2013 1:59:13 AM