EHV-1: Multi-Site Outbreak

At a 2007 seminar on equine herpesvirus, Maureen Long, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, associate professor in the department of infectious diseases and pathology at the University of Florida, discussed her experiences with a multi-site outbreak of neurologic equine herpesvirus in Florida.

“The state treated this as if it were a response to a hurricane, setting up a state incident command post,” Long said. “Thirteen infected horses shut down the industry,” she said. “There were seven horses with neurologic signs, and six horses died. Every year between 20 and 200 horses die of Eastern equine encephalitis virus, but these few (EHV) horses created an exceptional response in man-hours …”

If you think your horses have herpes, restrict movement for three weeks and use strict biosecurity.