Horses in Motion

In honor of National Photo Month, our Facebook fans submitted photos of their horses in action last month.

Horses in Motion - Frolicking Foal

"I'm Mighty Bewitching, ApHC mare as a weanling."

Photo: Cassandra Carl

Horses in Motion - "Redwoods Tardee"

"Redwoods Tardee APHA gelding."

Photo: Cassandra Carl

Horses in Motion - "Ranger"

"Petes Lil Army Ranger, Appendix Thoroughbred, son of Dormouse"

Photo: Chani Atrieadies

Horses in Motion - Percherons Play

"Bill (grey) and Magnum (black), our two Percheron geldings playing in the snow."

Photo: Daniella Revers

Horses in Motion - "Loki"

"This is my 10 month old Friesian x Paint colt, Loki, being the little diva he loves to be after grooming!"

Photo: Kate Venable

Horses in Motion - "Azzill Halim"

"Arabian Stallion, AZZILL HALIM, on the run!"

Photo: Kelly G Scott

Horses in Motion - Play Time

"Horses in motion... (no goats were injured in any way during the round up!)"

Photo: Laura Woods

Horses in Motion - "Sierra and Shelby"

"My beautiful appy Sierra and her best friend Shelby."

Photo: Sara Fisher

Horses in Motion - "Captain Morgan"

"My horse Captain Morgan being crazy."

Photo: Savannah Cheek

Horses in Motion - "Nikki"

"Nikki, Friesian/Peruvian showing her stuff."

Photo: Sheryl Thomas

Horses in Motion - "Apache and Domino"

"Brothers Apache and Domino playing."

Photo: Wendy Miller