AQHA to Offer Coat Color Tests

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is now offering several coat color genetic tests, including a panel test, individual color tests, and gray zygosity test (more on that in a moment). This test is designed to determine the actual coat color of a horse. The coat color panel test includes:

  • Extension (which identifies the presence of red/black pigment);
  • Agouti (which determines whether a horse is bay or black);
  • Champagne dilution;
  • Cream dilution;
  • Dun dilution;
  • Pearl dilution;
  • Silver dilution;
  • Gray (which identifies presence or absence of gray, additional testing is required); and
  • Lethal white overo.

These tests can be done in the panel as well as individually. If done as a panel, the cost is $85 for members and $125 for nonmembers. If ordering individual tests, the cost for members is $25 for each test, and nonmembers pay $65 for each test. Testing for the roan coal color is a separate evaluation and not included in the panel test. The gray zygosity test determines if one or two copies of the gray gene are carried in the horse. The gray zygosity test is an additional $15 for members and $55 for nonmembers. Interested parties are asked to call the AQHA at 806/376-4811 for more information.

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