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Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
Fancy 17h 3yo Tb Gelding Unnamed Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 17 hh KY 4/26/2013 9/28/2016
Mustang mare pasture pet Jess Mare Mustang Other 15 hh OR 1/1/2008 9/27/2016
Mustang Harley Gelding Mustang Gray/Roan 15 hh FL 1/1/1998 9/27/2016
Retired Dutch Showjumper Ulona Mare Dutch Warmblood Bay 16.2 hh OR 5/1/2002 9/27/2016
Free Arab Mare Toy Mare Arabian Bay 14.2 hh CA 9/22/1999 9/21/2016
Free 14yr old TB Natario Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CT 1/1/2002 9/18/2016
Standardbred Mike Gelding Standardbred Black 15 hh MI 5/1/1991 9/17/2016
blind horse needs companion Polka Dot Mare Appaloosa Other 16 hh NC 6/1/1998 9/14/2016
Companion horse/ walk only trails Cappi Gelding Oldenburg Dark Bay/Brown 16.3 hh CA 6/6/1997 9/14/2016
17 yr. old QH Gelding Lucky Gelding American Quarter Horse White 15.2 hh IL 1/1/1999 9/13/2016
senior tb gelding prospector nick(nick) Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh VA 4/4/2026 9/9/2016
Older thoroughbred mare Damage Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh KY 3/30/1998 9/8/2016
Free to good home Rusty Gelding American Paint Horse Chestnut 16 hh CA 2/3/2004 8/31/2016
Sweet 20 yr old draft cross mare Snowden Mare Percheron White 15 hh OH 12/25/1995 8/22/2016
Rescued Large Pony Mare Lucy Mare Other Bay 14.3 hh TX 1/1/1998 8/21/2016
FREE COMPANION HORSE KENNY Gelding American Saddlebred Chestnut 16 hh CA 8/17/2016 8/17/2016
Gentle, curious, well mannered, fun. Canseco Estaban Gelding Paso Fino Black 14.1 hh FL 5/12/1988 8/15/2016
Free American Saddlebred Draggo Gelding American Saddlebred Other 14.3 hh MI 4/1/2005 8/11/2016
Very Good Looking 15 yr old TB Gelding Waves of Glory (Glory) Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh PA 5/14/2001 8/10/2016
Quarter horse/paint Casanova Gelding American Paint Horse Chestnut 15.2 hh MI 9/1/2002 8/9/2016
Haflinger/QH needs easy stall life Bosco Gelding Haflinger Chestnut IL 1/1/2003 7/28/2016
OTTB Free to Good Home Chasing Fire Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.1 hh VA 1/1/2000 7/27/2016
Two beautiful mares need a new home Misty Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 16.2 hh IN 7/1/2000 7/23/2016
Voice For Horses Rescue Dixie Chick Mare American Paint Horse Other OH 1/2/2013 7/21/2016
Voice For Horses Rescue Eli Colt Thoroughbred Chestnut 14- hh OH 1/1/2016 7/21/2016
Voice For Horses Rescue Otis Gelding Hackney Bay 14- hh OH 1/2/2002 7/21/2016
Occassional Trail horse/ companion horse Kitty Kat Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.2 hh WA 1/15/1991 7/19/2016
2 mares and 1 stallion Mare Mare Arabian Gray/Roan 15 hh PA 7/1/2014 7/16/2016
Attractive paint gelding Woody Gelding American Paint Horse Other 15.1 hh NY 5/1/2006 7/12/2016
Morgan Gelding Wranger Gelding Morgan Black 15 hh FL 1/1/1998 7/11/2016
7yr old QH/App Mare Sassy Mare Appaloosa Chestnut 15.1 hh WI 7/9/2016 7/9/2016

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