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Special Report

Horse Adoption Part 1: Before You Adopt

Adoption is often an attractive alternative to buying; however, it requires a serious human commitment.

Special Report

Horse Adoption Part 2: The Transition Period

After completing the adoption process & bringing your new horse home, help him adjust to his new surroundings.

Convention Report

AAEP 2010 Convention Complete Coverage

A wrap-up of the 2010 AAEP Convention, including in-depth coverage of nearly 100 presentations and sessions.

Convention Report

Keynote: Unwanted Horses

Equine welfare and the growing population of horses needing homes are daily challenges for veterinarians.

Convention Report

Performance Horse Forum

Performance horse forum leaders at the 2008 AAEP Convention facilitated a discussion.

Convention Report

Kester News Hour

A variety of topics were highlighted during the reinvented Kester News Hour at the 2007 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

Medicine and Disease

Equine authorities at the 2006 AAEP Convention discussed numerous medical topics, get the summary here.

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