AYHC Invites Proposals for 2014 Symposium Presentations

The American Youth Horse Council (AYHC) invites proposals to speak at the 37th Annual AYHC Symposium taking place March 21-23, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minn. This event is designed to present an opportunity for adult and student leaders in the youth horse industry to come together to learn, network, share ideas, and grow as an industry.

Three audiences will be represented:

  • Adult leaders of youth—Mostly volunteers who work directly with youth in the field
  • Youth industry professionals—Those employed in the youth horse industry (such as extension specialists and breed association youth program coordinators)
  • Peer leaders of youth—Older teen leaders and college students focusing on leadership (who are also encouraged to submit proposals for presentations).

The non-breed/discipline specific curriculum throughout the symposium is designed to offer equine knowledge that transfers from the book to the barn, providing take-home tools to teach youth about safe and effective horsemanship. The symposium is designed to connect participants with resources, referrals, and networking to help kids connect through horses. Presentations can address, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Youth leadership/character development
  • Youth issue forums
  • Traditional youth programming
  • Horse management and health care
  • Interactive and hands-on youth development activities
  • Horse industry issues, including legislative and career development

There are two types of sessions available and the AYHC welcomes proposals for both formats:

  • Workshop—Can be presented in a variety of formats including lecture, discussion, forum, panel, or hands on activity. Preference will be given to interactive workshops.
  • Demonstration—Arena demonstrations are offered on Saturday afternoon only. Demonstrations should showcase a discipline, breed, or training technique.

Proposals must follow the provided format and be submitted electronically by email no later than Sept. 15, 2013. Complete guidelines and form are available at www.ayhc.com. Speakers are responsible for their own registration fees, travel, lodging, and other expenses.

The AYHC is a network of academic, breed, industry, and other representatives interested in facilitating the flow of horse-related educational resources for youth. AYHC’s mission is to provide encouragement, communication, leadership, and resources to serve and promote the youth horse industry. For complete presentation proposal instructions and/or more information about the association, please visit www.ayhc.com or contact the AYHC at info@AYHC.com.

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