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Mystery Lameness, Part 3: Dr. Kent Allen

FEI veterinarian Dr. Kent Allen shares interesting equine lameness cases. Part 3 of 3.


Teach a Horse to Accept Tarps

Teaching a horse to accept tarps can help desensitize those that are spooky and help give them confidence.


Mystery Lameness, Part 2: Dr. Raul Bras

Vet and farrier Dr. Raul Bras shares interesting lameness cases from his practice. Part 2 of 3.


How to Check Your Horse's Pulse

Dr. Tom Casselberry, of Fairfield Calif., demonstrates how to check your horse's pulse.


Inflammatory Airway Disease in Horses: Causes and Treatments

Dr. Laurent Couetil talks about the environmental factors that impact horses with heaves.


How to Introduce Your Horse to the Beach

Learn how to safely introduce your horse to the beach.


Help Your Horse Feel Safe with You

Kerri Lake, a professional facilitator of animal communication, talks about how to help your horse feel safe.


Teach Your Horse to Stand While Mounting

Michelle Quirico shares tips for teaching your horse to stand still as you mount to ride.


Is it PPID or EMS? Diagnosing Equine Endocrine Disease

Dr. Dianne McFarlane compares pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and equine metabolic syndrome.


De-static Your Horse

Get tips on how to combat static electricity on your horse's hair coat and avoid shocking your horse.


How to Choose Front Leg Protection for Your Horse

Get tips on choosing front leg protection for your horse from Nicole Carroll of Leap of Faith Farms.


Does Your Saddle Hurt Your Horse?

Find out what behaviors can tell you that your saddle hurts your horse.


When to Worry about an Equine Cardiac Murmur

Learn about heart murmurs in horses, how to hear them, and their potential risks.


Shock Wave Therapy Demonstration

Dr. Laura Werner performs shock wave therapy on a horse with signs of pelvic pain.


Role of Nutrition in Geriatric and EMS Horses

Dr. Amanda Adams shares information about how nutrition can impact the immune responses of geriatric horses.


Practical Ways to Help Working Equids

Dr. Bob Mealey of Washington State University describes how you can help working donkeys and horses.


Challenges to Adopting Equids from Developing Countries

Dr. Bob Mealey describes the roadblocks to adopting working equids from developing countries.


Knowing When to Retire an Arthritic Horse

Dr. Dave Frisbie of Colorado State University shares his thoughts on retiring horses due to arthritis.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 6: Creating a Strategic Deworming Plan

Learn how you and your veterinarian can create a customized deworm program for your horse.


How to Blanket Your Horse

Karmen Mills from Newcastle, Calif., discusses situations in which horses should be blanketed.


Feeding the Sick Horse

Dr. Ginger Rich of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting shares practices for feeding sick horses.


Intra-Articular Therapy: What Do I Need to Know?

Learn about equine intra-articular joint-injections for arthritis from a leading researcher and practitioner.


Solve Trailer Loading Issues

Learn how to handle trailer loading problems with Robyn Spector, of Petaluma, Calif.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 5: Fecal Egg Counts

Learn about the importance of fecal egg count tests in a strategic deworming program from Dr. Steve Sundholm.

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