An Introduction to Equitation Science

Join acclaimed equitation scientists to find out how this field of study can improve you and your horse's relationship.

Join two internationally acclaimed equitation science researchers to find out how this growing field of study can improve equine welfare, as well as you and your horse’s relationship.

About the Experts

Hayley Randle, PhD

Hayley Randle, PhD, runs the undergraduate and graduate equitation science programs at the Equitation Science Academy at Duchy College in the United Kingdom, in conjunction with Plymouth University. She has been involved in large mammal behavioral research for the past 19 years. Her research interests focus on animal (in particular equine) behavior, training, individual differences, and welfare. Randall has successfully competed in endurance but is now spending any spare time she has with her son, Border Collies, senior Arabian gelding, and Shetland Pony.

Inga Wolframm, PhD, MS

Inga Wolframm, PhD, MS, is a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein in The Netherlands, where she supervises research projects related to psychology, psychophysiology, and visual attention in equitation. She earned her master’s degree in human and equine sports science and completed her doctorate studying the sports psychological component in equestrian riders. Additionally, she is an accredited sports psychologist in The Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In her spare time, Wolframm enjoys competing in show jumping and dressage with her two horses.