KHC Supports Gelding Clinic at Kentucky Horse Park

In an effort to help responsible horse owners manage herd populations and breed responsibly, the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC), in partnership with the Kentucky Horse Park and the Unwanted Horse Coalition, offered a low-cost geld clinic on March 10.

The clinic was held at the Kentucky Horse Park and open to anyone who owned a horse that needed to be castrated. There was a minimal $20 registration fee per horse. Local veterinarians provided discounted services.

Sixteen horses were gelded at the clinic: 2 Kentucky Mountain Horses, 1 Hackney, 2 Quarter Horses, 5 Appaloosas, 2 Irish Sport Horses, 1 Tennessee Walking Horse, and 3 sport ponies.

KHC Board President Anna Zinkhon commented, "The Kentucky Horse Council continues to work to reduce the number of unwanted horses, which in the long run improves the quality and price of our Kentucky-bred horses. Breeding provides a valuable economic contribution to our farm economy, but only if the breeding program has a defined purpose and strives for top notch horses. The culling of those horses not suitable for stallion services helps all of us in the industry, as well as protects offspring from an unknown future if they are not marketable."

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