Summer Travel Concerns Shared by Readers

More than 660 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What is your biggest health concern when traveling with your horse?"

results of poll on summer travel

Results were as follows: 

  • Stress: 27.97% (186)
  • Injury: 27.52% (183)
  • Exposure to new horses/environments: 17.44% (116)
  • Dehydration: 16.09% (107)
  • Colic: 10.98% (73)

Readers shared what big worries they have for summer travel in the comments below.

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  • it's more like "all of the above"
  • Colic caused by the stress of the haul and all the different things a horse is not used to...
  • Actually all of the above
  • all of the above
  • My mare is ok traveling, it is exposure to other less healthy horses I worry about.
  • Other drivers can be very inconsiderate. Do not understand that a rig does not stop quickly.
  • my horses are spolied and are not afraid and other horses I find are not as friendly
  • mostly just in general stress/discomfort.
  • My guys are great travelers. Injury due to traffic accident.
  • An accident
  • other drivers!
  • ALL of the above!!!
  • my horse hates showing
  • When dealing with a hyper thoroughbred mare!
  • He is only hauled a few times yrly & need to work on trailer loading/unloading.
  • Other drivers! I treat every 1 else on road like an enemy fighter pilot, they're all out to kill me
  • My horses don't travel. They stay at home.
  • ie potential diseases etc
  • particularly from a trailer incident - trailer safety is paramount
  • Concerned about contact with horses carrying disease; health papers are no good if trailers checked
  • Good traveler, but can't predict injury.
  • stress can cause a multitude of other problems
  • My horse jumped half way over the chest bar on her last trip.
  • Heat
  • always relieved to arrive safely.
  • my horses dont travel much so stress & all assoc. problems
  • My trailer has already been rear-ended on the interstate. M was stunned, not injured,
  • especially in heat of Texas
  • I worry about poor drivers looking at the horsies
  • It's a toss up between Colic and injury
  • My characters find ALL mischief to get into. =S
  • Not everyone vaccinates or deworms - we worry about transmission of pathogens.
  • Loading is always my biggest worry.
  • Dehydration is the crux of keeping the horse able to cope with the overall stress.
  • we usually hauled straight through, lots of cushion, feed and water, steady rate and they did well
  • All of the above!!!
  • All my horses travel well, but do slack off from drinking normally.
  • being able to take enough of my own water until horse is accustomed to local h2o
  • he hates drinking on the road or away from home
  • Live in AZ, only travel locally, but heat/dehydration a concern
  • There are so many it was difficult to chose the biggest concern.
  • They are all major concerns!
  • Hard getting the horses to drink on the road or at a show.
  • Ulcers bother 2 of my show horses when traveling.
  • I don't travel very far. Just take my girl to our riding lesson. 18 mile round trip.
  • The ponies enjoy trailer rides and the trips are under 2 hours
  • Colic secondary to dehydration and stress
  • stress induced disease breaks such as EHV 4
  • specifically due to stupid drivers
  • Noise and heat in the trailer while traveling.
  • Never can tell what another driver will do
  • All of the above, she does not drink well away from home, does not eat well, heats up when stressed
  • truck breaking down, heat, storms, more!
  • Truck and/or trialer breakdown and being stranded. Clydes won't fit in friends trailers.
  • My horse is anhidrotic... overheats easily in a trailer
  • stress is the root of all evil
  • strangles
  • all of the above?
  • None really, all our horses are pretty well rounded & tend not to get stressed out causing colic or
  • Stress bringing on "shipping fever."
  • Hard to pick one, so all of the above
  • I actually worry about all of the above while traveling with my horses.
  • illness
  • Especially those long, hot trips!

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