Clydesdale Mare Successfully Foals Twins

First-time horse breeders Wilem and Tineka Vos, of Paris, Ontario, Canada, had to do a double-take when their Clydesdale mare gave birth just over two weeks ago.

Clydesdale twins

Clydesdale/Hackney twin foals Lucky and Charm investigate their pasture.

At about 5:30 a.m. on April 29, Wilem went out to the barn to see a filly on the ground and a colt in the process of being delivered by their mare, Bonnie.

"We had an ultrasound done, but the veterinarian never noticed there were twins," said Wilem. "It was a surprise."

The chance of a mare carrying twins to term is about 1 in 10,000. Because of the danger to the mare and foals, typically one is aborted early in the pregnancy.

Both foals, which are Clydesdale-Hackney crosses, are strong and healthy. There are some concerns Bonnie won't be able to keep up milk production for both, but at present she is doing just fine as well.

The Voses' grandchildren named the foals--the colt is Lucky and the filly is Charm. As for future plans for the duo, Wilem plans to give one of the foals to his grandchildren as a riding horse and keep the other.

"We're just going to enjoy them and watch them grow," he said.

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