Red Barn Mats

Surfacing Resources, LLC, a leading supplier and installer of quality rubber flooring for the equine industry, is proud to announce the addition of Red Barn mats to our product line.

Red Barn has manufactured high quality, 100% non-absorbent, vulcanized rubber mats for over 40 years. With 3 mat sizes to choose from (4’x6’, 4’x8’ and 5’x7’), we can accommodate a wider variety of stall sizes and reduce the number of mats and seams per stall. Ultimately this is more efficient than using the standard “one size fits all” 4’ x 6’ mat that’s offered by other mat companies. Additionally, Red Barn provides a 15 year warranty which is 3 years longer than the warranty offered by any of our other product lines.

For information and pricing on Red Barn mats or any of our other flooring products, contact Surfacing Resources at 260-432-2515 or visit our website at


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