Parasite Control

What is your farm's primary parasite control strategy?

Rotational deworming
Using a daily dewormer
Performing fecal egg counts and deworming based on the results
Property, pasture, and manure management
I don't worry about parasites on my farm

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Comments & Write-in Answers

Also, manage my property, pasture, and manure. My horses haven't had any parasites for over 3 yrs.

1/27/2014 2:46:49 PM

I do fecals 2-3 times a year and then deworm for tape since they are not detected in fecal.

1/27/2014 2:38:45 PM

property mgmt, rotational deworming, & getting fecal counts...

1/27/2014 12:51:53 PM

all of the above except the bottom one.

1/26/2014 3:03:28 PM

property management plays a role in this too.

1/26/2014 2:33:18 PM

egg counts plus pasture/manure management

1/26/2014 8:11:19 AM

Also property, pasture, manure management

1/26/2014 12:33:18 AM

Combination of the first three choices!

1/25/2014 6:59:03 PM

I also use pasture & manure management

1/25/2014 6:36:22 PM

both fecal count for correct application of deworming and pasture management

1/25/2014 5:50:36 PM

No dewormer. Vet wanted clients to stop. She tests feces 2/yr. I do worry if this is okay.

1/25/2014 3:00:32 PM

we also manage our pens and pastures by removing manure daily

1/25/2014 1:54:43 PM

can not get farm manager to change to deworming based on fecal egg count results and then worm only

1/24/2014 5:35:57 PM

daily deworming for 6 months then rotational in between.

1/24/2014 2:26:21 PM

I'm interested to see the results.

1/24/2014 11:38:14 AM

In addition to performing bi-monthly fecals, we ensure manure if picked twice/day

1/24/2014 10:00:54 AM

I let the horses and cows fend for themselves.

1/24/2014 8:07:30 AM

We compost all manure and stall bedding for at least 18 months.

1/24/2014 7:46:53 AM

I manage manure carefully and do fecals in the spring - always negative. I deworm after the frost.

1/24/2014 1:06:07 AM

What is gesture way to get rid of summer sores caused by parasites?

1/23/2014 11:41:26 PM


1/23/2014 10:09:45 PM

Ivermectin or Ivermectin + Prazyquantel 3 or 4 times a year.

1/23/2014 6:54:49 PM

Rotational dewormng & property, pasture, and manure managment all year around.

1/23/2014 1:33:59 PM

Pasture rotation, paddock cleaning, and rotational deworming. I always worry about parasites.

1/23/2014 8:43:34 AM

each boarder is responsible for own worming regimen where I have been

1/23/2014 7:49:46 AM

Healthy horses don't get a over infestation

1/23/2014 4:22:19 AM

My pony needs the care

1/23/2014 12:42:46 AM

I clean out the water tubs and shovel poop out of stall but not as much in field though.

1/22/2014 11:48:21 PM

We also pick manure from our pastures during grazing months.

1/22/2014 10:02:35 PM

deworm twice a year and manage visiting horses

1/22/2014 8:58:27 PM

I also use a rotational dewormer

1/22/2014 8:09:00 PM

Fecals/ and results based minimum 2 dewormings per year AND property, pasture and manure management.

1/22/2014 7:16:45 PM

We feed Poly Coopper, Kelp & D. Earth daily & haven't needed to deworm horses for over 3 years.

1/22/2014 6:49:19 PM

Still get fecal egg counts done when the vet calls to make sure everything is under control.

1/22/2014 6:45:24 PM

I deworm when coming off grass in the fall, and again when coming off hay in the spring.

1/22/2014 5:17:48 PM

I wish I could also click on Pasture management!

1/22/2014 4:56:15 PM

FECs showed nothing, so now I deworm in deep of winter and driest heat of summer - 2Xyear

1/22/2014 4:35:19 PM

AS well as a quarterly worming with fecal tests once a year

1/22/2014 4:30:35 PM

paddocks are poo picked 2-3 times per week

1/22/2014 4:18:10 PM

Fecal egg counts as well as 24/7 turnout in paddocks cleaned twice a day. Very low egg counts.

1/22/2014 4:04:44 PM

Do a fecal count on the old guy and rotate as well depending on the time of year

1/22/2014 12:51:22 PM

based on results

1/22/2014 11:30:52 AM

We also rotate pastures and manage manure

1/22/2014 10:56:56 AM

Rotational worming combined with pasture roation and manure management

1/22/2014 9:38:09 AM

Hygiene, diet, hoof care and sun keep the matter under control; reserve worming for specified case

1/22/2014 9:28:03 AM

We clean our paddocks daily

1/22/2014 9:14:18 AM

I also remove manure from stalls and paddocks daily and from pastures weekly f

1/22/2014 9:10:31 AM

We also manage pasture ( pick up manure daily) and deworming spring and fall.

1/22/2014 4:48:03 AM

Egg counts hen done, are significantly low.

1/22/2014 2:35:53 AM

I get fecal egg counts twice a year, spring and fall and deworm based on results

1/21/2014 11:40:45 PM

I pick up manure several times a day, feed horses in clean, bedded stalls, and worm twice a year.

1/21/2014 10:31:31 PM

every 2 months unless they reallly wont need it

1/21/2014 10:01:45 PM

rotatinal worming plus pasture adn manure control

1/21/2014 9:32:43 PM

I worm twice a year based on prior fecal egg counts that indicated low parasite levels.

1/21/2014 9:26:57 PM

Directional deworming and pasture management, doing everything I can for those zero egg counts!

1/21/2014 8:54:39 PM

The dry lot they live in is cleaned daily.

1/21/2014 7:00:59 PM


1/21/2014 6:32:57 PM

Have a more or less closed family herd, but do rotate and deworm 2-3 times per yr.

1/21/2014 6:16:54 PM

Want to check worming AND property/pasture/manure management because they're equally important

1/21/2014 6:16:05 PM

We also pick up all manure in pastures.

1/21/2014 5:52:42 PM

Farm I board at does not have a strategy, up to each owner.

1/21/2014 5:23:04 PM

Diatomaceous earth! Use it on the manure pile for flies - non-toxic, works great.

1/21/2014 5:11:57 PM

Mix of all ages, as we have a breeding herd.

1/21/2014 5:03:35 PM

Manure management and de-worming.

1/21/2014 5:02:03 PM

rotational deworming combined with fly control management in barn and pastures

1/21/2014 4:52:09 PM

I rotate. My two also have about six acres to roam around on.

1/21/2014 4:28:26 PM

we also do fecal egg counts and treat accordingly.

1/21/2014 4:12:13 PM

I have been doing rotational worming,but switching to performing fecal egg counts

1/21/2014 3:09:03 PM

Use when needed-old quote "If it ain't broke don't fix "- over use of pesticides create super pest s

1/21/2014 1:45:32 PM

Plus rotational deworming twice a year

1/21/2014 12:44:49 PM

I also do property, pasture, and manure management

1/21/2014 11:20:07 AM

my horse has epm and will not worm unless fecal egg count calls for it

1/21/2014 9:14:29 AM

Regularly poo pick and don't worm horses unless necessary

1/21/2014 8:12:00 AM

I also pick up manure daily

1/21/2014 8:09:42 AM

Well, I board. So all the boarders have their own deworming strategy...

1/21/2014 8:05:52 AM