Mary Beth Sekela, Intern

Articles by Mary Beth Sekela

Stolen Horses International Helps Bring Horses Home

Stolen Horses International and its companion website help owners search for missing horses. Read More

Catnip Oil Tested as Stable Fly Repellent

Anyone who's ever set foot on a farm has most likely encountered the plaguelike presence of Stomoxys calcitrans--otherwise known as stable flies. These pests are both an annoyance and a health risk for horses, but the results of a recent study Read More

Researcher: Bacteria Evenly Distributed Across Horses' Bodies

Residing in horses' skin are microorganisms known as skin flora--generally nonpathogenic bacteria that can cause skin disease, joint infections, and life-threatening illnesses if they enter the bloodstream or a joint, such as through an incision in Read More

Penn World Leadership Award Promotes Veterinary Profession

Nominations for the 2011 Penn Vet World Leadership in Animal Health Award, currently the largest award in the veterinarian profession, are officially open. The award, which was first issued in April 2008, is given annually to "the most influential Read More

Minimum Standards of Horse Care Booklet Published for California Officials

"Is it abuse or neglect?" Sometimes law enforcement officials unfamiliar with horses or proper horse care have to make that call in an equine welfare case. Three equine researchers in California recently published a booklet to arm California law enfo Read More