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Poll Recap: Horse Hoof Care Schedules

Of the 1,743 respondents, 841 (48%) said their horses' hooves are trimmed and/or shod every six to seven weeks. Read More

Poll Recap: Shedding Season

Of the 1,106 respondents, 866 (78%) said they curry or groom their horses to help them shed their winter hair coats. Read More

Poll Recap: Business or Hobby?

Of the 552 respondents, 418 (76%) said they were involved with horses primarily as a hobby. Read More

Poll Recap: Picky Eaters

Of the 413 respondents, 212 (51%) have dealt with an equine picky eater. Read More

Poll Recap: Colic Surgery

Many respondents said they'd have to consider the possible outcomes before sending a horse to colic surgery. Read More

Poll Recap: Complementary Therapies

Of the 665 respondents, 220 (33%) said their horses receive chiropractic care on a routine basis. Read More

Poll Recap: Pasture Buddies

Of the 1,293 poll respondents, 340 (26%) said their horse is turned out with one other horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Dental Exams

Of the 911 respondents, 802 (88%) said their horse has had a dental exam or treatment in the past 12 months. Read More

Poll Recap: A Trip to the Vet

Of the 1,008 respondents, 318 (32%) said their horses are located 10 miles or less away from their equine vet clinic. Read More

Poll Recap: University Teaching Hospitals

Of the 516 respondents, 302 (59%) said they have taken their horse to a university veterinary teaching hospital. Read More

Poll Recap: Winter Horse Care Concerns

Of the 556 respondents, 190 (34%) said their biggest concern is keeping horses' water sources from freezing. Read More

Poll Recap: Dealing With Ice and Horses

Of the 395 respondents, 234 (59%) said ice is a problem on their horse property during the winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Of the 220 respondents, 150 (68%) said they do have horse-related resolutions for 2017. Read More

Poll Recap: Has The Horse Helped?

Of the 242 respondents, 175 have talked to their vet about a health issue they learned about in The Horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Joint Injections for Horses

Of the 442 respondents, 90 (20%) use injections as a regular part of their horses' joint management programs. Read More

Poll Recap: Visits From the Vet

Of the 682 respondents, 221 (32%) said their veterinarians see their horses twice a year. Read More

Poll Recap: Enriching Your Horse's Environment

Of the 371 respondents, 172 (46%) said they provided their horses with enrichment items such as toys. Read More

Poll Recap: Paying for Horse Health Care

Of the 743 respondents, 324 (44%) use cash from their savings or emergency funds to pay for their horses' health care. Read More

Poll Recap: Fall Vaccine Boosters

Of the 412 respondents, 193 (47%) said their horses received boosters for equine herpesvirus and influenza this fall. Read More

Poll Recap: Weighty Feed Options

Of the 758 respondents, only 106 (14%) said they weigh everything their horse gets to eat. Read More

Poll Recap: To Clip or Not To Clip This Winter?

Of the 1,114 respondents, 811 (73%) said they do not body clip their horses during winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Managing Working Horses

Of the 258 respondents, 49 (19%) said they manage horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Bedding Choices

Of the 1,087 respondents, 559 (51%) said they use wood shavings or chips to bed their horses' stalls. Read More

Poll Recap: Boarding and Riding Horses During Winter

Of the 1,300 respondents, 558 people (43%) said they keep their horse at home, where they do not have an indoor arena. Read More

Poll Recap: Fall Mud-Management Projects

Of the 545 respondents, 175 (32%) said they will add gravel and/or sand for high-traffic areas on their farm this fall. Read More