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Imprint-Trained Trotting Filly Passes $1 Million Mark

Buck I St. Pat has been trotting along the road to glory since she was two days old.

That was the first time that breeder Ron Fuller, DVM, hooked the Standardbred filly to an old goat cart and let her pull it around. "They'll follow their Read More

Readers Respond: News To Go

More than 900 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Are you interested in getting on your mobile phone?"

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Readers Respond: Olympic Fever

More than 1,200 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How will you watch the equestrian events of the 2008 Olympic Games?"

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Mule Infected with EIA Reported in Ohio

A mule in Central Ohio was recently euthanized after testing positive for equine infectious anemia (EIA), according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The Pickaway County farm has been quarantined for 60 days in accordance with Ohio law Read More

Readers Respond: Pain in the Abscess

More than 1,100 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What challenges do you face when treating a hoof abscess?" Read More

Readers Respond: Accident Prone

More than 1,000 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Has there been an accident involving horses on your farm?"

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Avoiding Hazardous Horseplay

Swiss researchers have released new data on risk factors and prevention measures for some of the greatest dangers to horses: other horses.

Anyone who has spent time on a farm with more than one horse could tell you that bites and kicks are Read More

Stall-Side Airway Test will be Available Soon

English researchers are working to move airway disease screening and diagnostics from the lab into the barn.

Equine HealthCare, a company based in the U.K., is developing a new respiratory diagnostic test based on measuring the amount of Read More

Readers Respond: Herd Management

More than 2,700 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Should wild horses be euthanized to help control their population growth in the Western United States?"

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Equine Bone Fragility Disorder Reported in California

Veterinary researchers at the University of California, Davis, are working to classify a newly observed bone fragility disorder that might prove to be the culprit behind some cases of intermittent chronic lameness that have no other explanation. Read More

Readers Respond: Tip Toes

Almost 1,500 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What management methods does your hoof care professional use?"

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Readers Respond: Where's the Hay?

Almost 1,300 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Are you having problems getting hay?"

Readers Respond: Loving Summer

More than 1,100 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What activities will you do with your horse this summer?"

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Vet Shortage Could Put Squeeze on Horse Owners

The nation could face a shortage of as many as 4,000 veterinarians in the next six years, if current trends continue, according to a recent study based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Researchers at the Cummings School of Veterinary Read More

Catching Your Horse: Eye Contact Might Not Matter

According to a University of Pennsylvania study, whether or not you make eye contact with your horse doesn't necessarily influence how successful you'll be in catching him in an open pasture.

Experienced horse handlers and educators have Read More

Readers Respond: Read It All Online

More than 620 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How would you prefer to read several articles on a topic?"

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