Amy Rucker, DVM

Amy Rucker, DVM, works in the equine ambulatory practice in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Articles by Amy Rucker, DVM

Minimize Laminitis Risks

As lush summer grass grows, unfortunately so does your horse's risk for laminitis. Read More

Minimize Laminitis Risks

Pasture-associated laminitis can have a sneaky, slow onset. Owners often just assume their horses are "off." Read More

Venogram Procedure (Step By Step)

Following is an in-depth description of the steps taken to perform the digital venogram.  I encourage you to follow each of these steps to achieve consistent, informative venograms.


Interpreting Venograms and Artifacts

Becoming familiar with the range of normal venograms is difficult, but it is more difficult to become accustomed to artifacts that are induced by incorrect techniques. This presentation will attempt to discuss interpreting changes present on Read More