Poll Recap: Draft Horse Fans

Poll Recap: Draft Horse Fans

Of the 737 voters, the majority (58%) indicated that they own or have owned a draft horse or draft-cross.

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Last week, we asked readers if they had ever owned a draft horse or a draft-cross. Over 700 readers responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 737 voters, 427 voters (58%) indicated that they own or have owned a draft horse or draft-cross, while 310 said they have not. 

Additionally, 191 readers provided comments about their experiences with Draft Horses. 

Many readers commented on the types of draft horses or draft-crosses that they owned:

Poll Results

Of the 737 voters, the majority (58%) responded yes, that they had owned a draft horse or draft-cross.

  • “I raise beautiful pure Shire horses. Would own no other breed!”
  • “My family owns two 3/4 Thoroughbreds, 1/4 Percherons. They're extremely athletic horses!”
  • “Suffolk Punch draft horses.”
  • “I raised PMU draft-cross foals and also owned a registered Percheron and Belgian.”
  • “Thoroughbred/Percherons. Love them. Big, muscular, and never get tired!”
  • “Clydesdale/Saddlebred. LOVED him for 35 years.”
  • “I owned a 3/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 percheron and later a 1/2 Thoroughbred , 1/2 Percheron. I'd own another in an instant!”
  • “Fjords.”
  • “A Canadian, a Morgan, and a Belgian/Quarter Horse.”
  • “Canyon is a big baby. Draft/Quarter Horse cross.”
  • “A Belgian mare and a Friesian gelding.”
  • “I have a Percheron/Quarter Horse mare who never taken a wrong step. Perfect horse.”
  • “Gypsy Vanner.”
  • “My first has a Thoroughbred sire and a Belgian draft mare; The second has a Belgian sire and an Arab-cross mare.”
  • “Yes a Breton which I used for logging. She was lovely.”
  • “I love my Canadian PMU rescue Percheron x Paint!”
  • “I own a Sugarbush Draft Horse mare. She is my primary Dressage horse.”
  • “I've had two: a Clydesdale-cross and a Percheron-cross. Love, love, love.”
  • “I have two Shires and several Shire-crosses.”
  • “Canadian draft.”
  • “My husband has a fabulous Ardennes.”
  • “We have a few Suffolk Punch mares”
  • “Clydesdale/Thoroughbred...best horse ever.”
  • “Jutland/Thoroughbred--a fabulous horse!!”
  • “I own a 4-year-old Percheron mare.”
  • “He was half Brabant and half Standardbred.”
  • “We have a beautiful Fresian/Percheron cross Mare”
  • “Currently own a wonderful Friesian-cross and have also owned a Shire-cross in the past.”
  • “I owned Shires and Percherons for 30 years. LOVE them!”
  • “I have a beautiful Belgian/Quarter Horse-cross gelding. He is a gentle (senior) giant and my best friend!”
  • “Draft, Haflinger, Paint mix. Really nice horse. Would like to have another one like him.”
  • “I own a Shire/Gypsy-cross and I've had a Russian Draft for 6 years as a share. Both wonderful!”
  • “My mare is 1/2 Belgian, 1/4 Fresian, 1/4 QH. I love her!!”
  • “I have a Percheron gelding and a Quarter Horse/Friesian cross.”
  • “Currently own a team of Belgian geldings. LOVE my boys! The best horses ever.”
  • “I own a Percheron/Arabian-cross gelding, he is awesome! Very smart, friendly, kind, and healthy.”
  • “He is a 28-year-old Belgian draft/Paint cross. He is perfect. best horse ever!”
  • “She is a Thoroughbred/Percheron cross. Lovely sweet mare!”
  • “Belgian/Welsh. Best cross ever!”
  • “Had a Percheron/Arab, and a 3/4 Clydesdale, 1/4 TB.”

Others shared comments about their experiences with draft horses and draft-crosses:

  • “I've ridden an 18.3-hand Clydesdale, and he bucked me off *OUCH!*”
  • “I have ridden a couple though.”
  • “Percheron...she was the best breed I've ever owned!”
  • “A very sweet and funny Percheron trained to Level 3 in Parelli Natural Horsemanship.”
  • “I love my Shire!!”
  • “Love my big girls!”
  • “I rescued a Percheron/wild horse/Quarter Horse. The best horse ever I encountered or could have hoped for.”
  • “Best, gentlest horse I've ever owned. He lived for 33 years. May he RIP, all restored to his youth.”
  • “I currently own a Belgian...best horse ever!”
  • “American Spotted Drafts rule!!”
  • “Owned and raised around them. Best temperments!”
  • “LOVE MY DRAFT CROSS!! Best horses ever!”
  • “Absolutely LOVE them. Such gentle giants!!!!”
  • “He was one of the best horses I've ever had.”
  • “Honey is a PMU filly we adopted 9 years ago. She's half Belgian. She's gorgeous and so sweet.”
  • “I adopted my first horse four years ago at age 35 and he is a Percheron. We are best friends!”
  • “I'm owned by a Percheron/Hackney Horse cross. Love him! He was a rescue from a PMU farm from Canada.”
  • “We love him. He is a draft-cross. We think he's from a PMU farm. He takes good care of us!”
  • “Have one now. What a good boy he is.”
  • “I absolutely LOVE him!! He has the best, most curious 'horse-inality' of any horse I've ever known!”
  • “I will always own draft horses.. best horses ever. We rescue.”
  • “I help run a draft show and they are nothing but sweet gentle giants. I wouldn't mind having one.”
  • “The best horse I never knew I wanted. Got him on a whim and absolutely no regrets.”
  • “I owned a Shire mare. She was wonderful and I'd like to own another one.”
  • “Mine is a wonderful, athletic dressage horse; LOVE them!!!”
  • “My guy does endurance racing and is very good at it. He's a Clydesdale/Arabian cross.”
  • “He was one of my favorite horses. He scared everyone but he was a gentle giant. Fun to ride/train.”
  • “My Belgian is my best buddy. Truely a real character!”
  • “Awesome husband horses. They are such teddy bears. Love them.”

Several readers commented on the personalities and characteristics of draft horses:

  • “Love the draft temperament.”
  • “But I do love the dispositions.”
  • “Smooth gaits and gentle personality.”
  • “Super gentle and either lazy or stubborn. I want another one!”
  • “Steady and dependable mounts. I love their personality: very affectionate and bonded with their people.”
  • “I own one now and will never go back to a light horse.”
  • “I love the big guys. They are so laid back and easy going and yet they give you their all.”
  • “Love them. Big motion, big heart. But you need big tack.”
  • “They are beautiful gentle, laid back critters. Love them! (I own two Percherons and a mix.)”
  • “Reliable, dependable, personable horse!”

Others said they would like to have a draft or draft-cross:

  • “Looking for one though.”
  • “I'd love to some day”
  • “i would like to have another”
  • “I will at some point!”
  • “No, but I would LOVE too!!!!!! The bigger the better!”
  • “But I'd love to when finances allows!”
  • “Would love to, though. These breeds have long fascinated me. If only my barn had more head height!”
  • “I have never had one, but wish I had a reason to get one.”
  • “Currently looking to buy one for my partner.”
  • “I do want to have a clyde some day though!”
  • “But I've always wanted one and my next horse will be a draft or cross.”
  • “Would like to give a retirement home to a Shire one day”

Find out more about the unique health and management needs of draft horses from our Draft Horse Health Factsheet

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