Tevis Cup 2010 Claimed by Heraldic and John Crandell

John Crandell and Heraldic won their second Tevis Cup at 10:14 p.m. (unofficial) yesterday when the 12-year-old bay Arabian gelding cantered across the white chalk finish line to the cheers of nearly 200 endurance racing enthusiasts in Auburn, Calif.

Tevis Cup 2010 winner

Heraldic and Crandell lead on the way to their second Tevis Cup victory.

The 100-mile event started Saturday at dawn near Lake Tahoe.

LR Bold Grayson, ridden by Shannon Constanti, finished a fraction of a second later. The Crandell family of Star Tanney, Va., owns both horses. The third place horse finished two hours and two minutes behind the winners.

Temperatures in the 90s challenged the nearly 200 horses attempting to cover the 100-mile trail within 24 hours.

"Coming from the East Coast helped our horses, since we have been having tremendous heat and humidity back East," said Crandell following his win.

Both Heraldic's and LR Bold Grayson's heart rates dropped to desired levels within minutes of finishing, and the horses trotted out sound for the official ride veterinarian.

This morning the first ten finishers have the opportunity to present their horses for the Haggin Cup judging, awarded to the horse found most fit after the strenuous event. Heraldic also won the Haggin Cup in 2006.

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