Free Updated Unwanted Horse Coalition Brochure Available

"Own Responsibly: The Problem of the Unwanted Horse" brochure has been updated and released by the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC).

The brochure details such aspects of the UHC as its key mission to educate horse owners about owning and breeding responsibly. The coalition’s goals are also listed, with the objectives being to 1) raise awareness of the issue and its consequences; 2) reduce the number of unwanted horses and work toward eliminating the problem; 3) facilitate the exchange of information on adoption, care, and alternative careers; and 4) provide information on life-ending decisions for equines such as euthanasia and disposal.

"We have updated the brochure to reflect the growth the coalition has experienced, with new members and important new resources and materials," said Tom Lenz, chairman of the UHC.

The brochure also includes a section of recent resources and materials available for public use. The UHC has also launched a new Additional Resources page on its website, The new page has sections with links to programs such as haybanks and feedbanks, vaccination, gelding and euthanasia clinics, and sites on equine welfare grants.

This third installment of the "Own Responsibly: The Problem of the Unwanted Horse" can be found on the UHC website at Limited hard copies can be requested by contacting UHC director, Ericka Caslin, at or by calling 202/296-4031.

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