Online Mustang Adoption a Success

Thirty-five mustangs recently were adopted via cyberspace in the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sixth Internet auction. More than 288 e-mail applications flooded into BLM computer in-boxes during the three- week window for applications and bidding. The adoption offered a wide variety of wild horses, such as Kiger mustangs, pintos, buckskins, halter and saddle-trained horses, and horses gathered from the wildfire-damaged areas of Nevada.

BLM’s Eastern States Wild Horse and Burro Program Manager Jinx Fox said, “The adopters got some exceptional animals. Participation from the western field offices allowed us to get the Kigers—you can’t usually get those outside of Oregon. We were very impressed with the horses from the Colorado prison facility. More halter and saddle-broken horses will be offered in the next Internet auction.”

Bids ranged from $200 to several thousand dollars for rare Kiger mustang mares and several saddle-broke mustangs trained through the Colorado Department of Correction’s Wild Horse Inmate Program in Canon City, Colo. The total combined bids reached $38,000.

Another Internet adoption is scheduled for this spring and will offer trained and untrained mustangs. More information is available at

BLM also sponsors temporary site adoptions throughout the country, offering thousands of wild horses and burros for adoption. Visit for more information.

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