AVMA Joins AAEP In Support Of PMU Farm Management

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the nation's largest veterinary organization, released a statement in support of the American Association of Equine Practitioners' (AAEP) assessment of the management of mares utilized in the pregnant mare urine (PMU) collection industry. The urine is used as the raw product for the development of Premarin, the most widely prescribed hormone product for estrogen replacement in women. In a Dec. 19, 1997, letter to the AAEP, David E. Granstrom, DVM, PhD, AVMA's assistant director for the Division of Education and Research, said, "The American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Committee fully supports the American Association of Equine Practitioners position on the use of horses to produce pregnant mare urine.

"The Committee commends the AAEP for its dedication to equine welfare and recognizes the AAEP's leadership role in the investigation of issues regarding the use of horses in the PMU industry."

The position, which AAEP released in February 1997, is as follows:

PMU Statement--Though on site investigations and peer review of on-going research, AAEP believes the collection of urine from pregnant mares and care of their offspring as prescribed by the recommended "Code of Practice," represents responsible management of horses to produce a commodity for the benefit of mankind that should not result in abuse, neglect, or inhumane treatment of horses.

"AAEP appreciates the support of the veterinary community through the representation of the AVMA," said AAEP Executive Director, Gary Carpenter, CAE. "AAEP takes very seriously its responsibility in offering an objective and unbiased opinion regarding the treatment of animals in any situation and believes it has done so in regard to the management of horses in the pregnant mare urine industry."

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