The Horse: Top 10 Horse Health Videos of 2012

The Horse: Top 10 Horse Health Videos of 2012

The most popular video of 2012 dealt with how horses see.

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse

The year 2012 has come and gone, but we'll remember it by the dozens of new videos on a vast array of topics on Which were the most viewed? We've tallied the results and compiled a list of the 10 most viewed videos of 2012.

How Your Horse Sees 
Dr. Sharon Spier, from the University of California, Davis, explains horses' vision; what a horse sees in a collected frame, equine night vision, how blind spots affect the approach to jumps, and much more.

Sheath Cleaning for Male Horses: How-To
Cleaning a male horse's sheath is a somewhat unpleasant, but often necessary task. Learn why, how, and when to clean a stallion or gelding's sheath with Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji of Davis, Calif.

How to Measure Your Horse (to Estimate His Weight)
Learn how to measure your horse properly for weight calculation with Dr. Roberta Dwyer of the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center.

2012 Laminitis Conference: Trimming Too Short?
Instructor and farrier Chris Gregory, CJF, FWCF, answers a reader's question about trimming horses' hooves too short during the 2012 International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.

What's Your Horse's Body Condition Score? 
Regular body condition scoring helps you keep your horse in good health. Learn how and when to score your horse with Dr. Bob Coleman of the University of Kentucky.

How to Stretch Your Horse
Learn about why and how to stretch your horse before exercise (or when recovering from injury) with Dr. Heather Woodruff of the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Ky.

How to Take Your Horse's Vital Signs Learn how to take your horse's temperature, pulse, respiration rate, and check his hydration status and mucous membranes with Dr. Roberta Dwyer of the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center.

Morning Exercise of Thoroughbred Stallions
Exercise rider Brian VanSteenbergh shares his experience conditioning top Thoroughbred sires. Daily exercise helps keep the horses fit and happy.

Cavalia: How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Horse
Learn how to build and improve your relationship with your horse from Benjamin Aillaud, equestrian director of Cavalia, a world-renowned theatrical performance showcasing horses' beauty and versatility.

How to Properly Longe Your Horse
Tips on why to longe a horse and how to do it right from Michelle Motyle of MMTraining in Castro Valley, Calif.

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